The last thing you need when you are running a busy industrial facility is the hassle of equipment breakdowns. You need reliability and you need the assurance that if breakdowns do happen, the downtime will be minimal. At Conquest, our Zero Downtime Crew (ZDC) is committed to being there when you need us most, and getting your machine out of the pit lane as quickly as possible.

Who are our Zero Downtime Crew?

Our Zero Downtime Crew (ZDC) are the backbone of what we stand for. A team of passionate, qualified, and experienced technicians. They are a commitment to our customers that we back our industrial floor cleaning equipment with exceptional customer service and support.

What do our Zero Downtime Crew do?

Each team member has their own fully equipped service vehicle, carrying an extensive inventory of common spare parts and consumables. We come to you and service your equipment on site. And, we are committed to working with you during these times of increased safety measure to meet your businesses WHS and site induction requirements.

Working with our Zero Downtime Crew

New and existing customers qualify for our Zero Downtime Program when you take up a Conquest Ultimate and Platinum scheduled service packages, or a fully flexible rental package. Our Zero Downtime Crew are committed to keeping your equipment operational so your team remain productive, and your facility is clean and safe. We guarantee we will be there when you need us – providing scheduled maintenance for your equipment, extensive operator training and ongoing support, as well as emergency repairs when required.

Want to enjoy peace of mind knowing that you no longer have to deal with the pain of extended downtime? Complete the form below to learn more.

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