Reflecting on the past year, 2022 has been both a year of recovery and new challenges.

We have been able to welcome a return to normality: connecting face-to-face with each other, regaining our freedom to travel, and experiencing a gradual lifting of operational restrictions. However, we have all had to react to a new set of challenges, with inflation, manufacturing/freight delays, and energy scarcity.

I’m proud that the team at Conquest have been able to show resilience and agility in rising to these challenges and provided new products and services that have met the ever-changing needs of our customers.

The foundation of what we do at Conquest will always be about genuinely caring for our customers. We are resolute in our belief that partnering with our customers means more than just providing a product or service. We have invested in our CARE program to ensure that your valuable feedback is heard and integrated into our business. Our pillars: freedom of choice and reliability, ensure that what we do, and how we work, aligns with what’s important to you and your operation.

A key focus for 2022, was alleviating the pressure of global supply delays for our customers. Through the leveraging of our key supplier relationships in Europe and North America, we were able to boost local machine and spare parts inventory in each of our capital city warehouses to up to 8 weeks of supply. This has seen delays incurred through manufacturing and freight, largely negated for our customers.

Our short-term hire fleet has seen rapid growth, commensurate with the ever-increasing demand for emergency cleaning solutions and the temporary augmentation of existing fleets. Conquest Hire now provides the largest range of industrial and commercial floor cleaning equipment in Australia.

An exciting development for us this year, was our expansion into the area of robotic cleaning. Automation will play an increasing role in how we operate efficiently in all our industries, and we are proud to offer an innovative product at the forefront of this technology. The Avidbot NEO 2.0 is the most intelligent autonomous product on the market, delivering an exceptional clean through real-time obstacle avoidance and dynamic path planning.

Looking forward to 2023, we have an exciting new range of products and initiatives in the pipeline to ensure we remain able to meet all your floor cleaning needs.

I want to send my sincere thanks for your continued support and best wishes for the year to come.

Best wishes,

Michael Mathews

Managing Director