It goes without saying that to efficiently clean a large warehouse floor space, you need large ride-on warehouse floor cleaning equipment. However the larger the floor scrubber, the less manoeuvrable it is, and more limited in it’s ability to clean into confined spaces. In warehouses, the floor space beneath racking is particularly challenging. This often leads to the requirement for multiple floor cleaning solutions to cover the entire floor space under the one roof. Not anymore!

Video Demonstration: warehouse floor cleaning with spray wand attachment to reach under racking

In this video, Conquest demonstrates a quick and simple all-in-one warehouse floor scrubbing solution that overcomes the notoriously difficult challenge of cleaning under racking.

Warehouse floor cleaning is no challenge for Conquest CRZ commercial floor scrubbers.

Featuring large solution and recovery tanks, the Conquest CRZ has been cleverly engineered to ensure an effective and efficient clean between wide warehouse aisles. Built tough for industrial environments, stainless steel fasteners offer corrosion free servicing for years to come. The tilt back tank is a favourite for service technicians and operators alike, due to ease of maintenance.

The built-in 60 psi spray wand comes in handy for cleaning confined spaces where the scrubber cannot reach, and can also be used to quickly clean the machine and recovery tank at the end of each shift. Add an optional squeegee brush, and your under-racking dilemma is sorted!

Available in disk (CRZ 34D), as well as a cylindrical model (CRZ 33C) which allows the operator to preform a light pre-sweep prior to scrubbing. Suitable for concrete, tiles, epoxy coatings, vinyl, timber, marble and painted floors.

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