Should you rent or buy your own floor cleaning machines? Investing in industrial and commercial floor cleaners can be a daunting process. It can also involve a large capital outlay to ensure that you have the right piece of machinery to meet the needs of your site. This is why long-term rentals can be an advantage to your business.

Here we provide are the economic, logistical and practical advantages that you can look forward to if considering a rental agreement.

Fixed payment

Long term machine rental provides the benefit of eliminating a large capital outlay to purchase industrial floor cleaners. Some small to mid-sized businesses may find managing cash flow to be a challenge. Removing the need to purchase a single or entire fleet of industrial sweeping machines, frees up funds for insurance, wages and other mandatory costs. The cost savings are passed along, allowing you to spend money on other avenues of your business.

No maintenance costs

Most rental packages include scheduled servicing, operator training and ongoing technical support. Scheduled services and machine repairs are arranged through the supplier unless the damage was caused by operators. As a result, you reap all the benefits of having state of the art equipment without the nuisance and added expenses of maintaining or repairing them.

A Tax Advantage

Rental floor cleaners are not shown on balance sheets and are often claimed as a business expense. Whilst this is common practice, it is highly recommended to always discuss the eligibility of your claim with your Tax Accountant.

Flexible options

As the business grows, the need for more innovative technologies and larger products increases as well. This can be addressed when you renew the rental agreement. At the end of the term, you can simply send the machine back and begin a new term with more advanced cleaning machines.

Additionally, renting gives you operational flexibility if your business forecast predicts changes to your business needs. You can easily downgrade or upgrade your floor sweepers without having to worry that a newly purchased machine will go unused during slower periods.

Fully flexible rentals

When considering partnering with a commercial floor cleaning company, it is important to pay close attention to the quality of the floor cleaning machines ensuring that they are robust and reliable. Apart from the equipment, you must consider the company themselves—are they offering a complete service, spare parts and technical support service and are able to deliver on their promises? It is also imperative to know whether or not the rental program may be flexible enough to evolve with the ever-changing needs of your business.

A clever way to clean

With various floor types and an extensive range of cleaning machines available, it can be challenging to choose the optimal machine for the job. At Conquest, we have listened to our customers and now offer a fully flexible rental option on all our equipment. This gives you the peace of mind that as your business grows or changes, you have the ability to change your equipment to suit your ongoing needs. Conquest offers our Intelligent Solutions Program (ISP), an 8-step guided process to identify the right equipment as well as the right package for your individual requirement.

For enquiries about our products, rental agreements and ISP program, call us on 1800 826 789.