We’re on a mission to change industrial and commercial floor cleaning. We believe that reliable equipment is best paired with unrivalled service and support. Because we genuinely care.

QR codes have become a key fixture in our daily lives. We’re familiar with it. We understand it. We’re using it. And now, at Conquest, we’re leveraging this familiar technology, to further enhance our after-sales service and support offering…

Introducing Conquest QR

Now, service and support is at your fingertips and offered !

Conquest QR was born from the desire to provide solutions to make the floor cleaning journey less hassle, and more operator friendly. From August 2021, all new Conquest machines are fitted with a custom label affixed near the controls. By scanning the label with the camera on your smartphone, you will be directed to a web-based interface which is tailored to the model of your machine. From the interface, you may navigate the various support options available to you, including:

Download Operator Manual

View and/or share the Operator Manual for your machine in PDF format.

Daily Maintenance Chart

View and/or share the Daily Maintenance Chart in PDF format, for step-by-step instructions to optimise the performance and longevity of your machine.

Watch Video Tutorial

Watch a video tutorial the step-by-step operation and maintenance of your machine, for maximum performance and safety.

Book a Service

Complete the form to register your request for urgent repairs or preventative maintenance. Our friendly Zero Downtime Crew will soon be in touch.

Order Parts

Complete the form to register your request to order parts of your machine. Our friendly Zero Downtime Crew will soon be in touch.

Product Information and Specifications

Visit our website for more information regarding your machine and model specifications. 

Call Conquest

Click to call the friendly team at Conquest regarding all of your Sales, Service and Technical Support enquiries. We’d love to help!

New technology + Exceptional Service + Genuine Care

Conquest QR is intended to give you the information you need, when you need it most. When you’re working the graveyard shift and need to troubleshoot. Or when you’re inducting a new operator on machine use and maintenance requirements.

But it won’t replace the friendly, personal service and support that is synonymous with Conquest. Our team are happy to help and continue to be available to chat. Call us any time on 1800 826 789.

Behind you all the way

When you partner with Conquest, you can be assured that we’re behind you all the way.
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