Addressing the need for innovation in industrial cleaning

In logistics, transport, building services, construction or manufacturing, time is your most precious commodity. The big question is: how do you balance increasing competing priorities and KPIs such as safety, sustainability, and operational efficiency?

Maintaining a hygienically clean environment is also critical for running a successful and safe operation, especially to meet those all-important WHS (workplace Health & Safety) requirements and keep your workers safe.

Add the challenge of skilled labour shortages, meaning you have less staff available that tick all your boxes to keep your operation running smoothly.

You need to find a new way of doing things. Adopting innovation is key.

Complete combination sweeper, scrubber and dryer with 30% increased productivity compared to conventional model.

Single-pass cleaning power now available in Australia

Recognising the urgency to adapt workplaces to emerging industry challenges, the GMG combination sweeper scrubber enters as a game-changing industrial cleaning solution.

Already adopted by the likes of Amazon and Microsoft in Europe, the GMG combines the functionalities of an industrial sweeper and a scrubber in a single, versatile and highly manoeuvrable machine. Unlike traditional floor cleaning equipment, the GMG executes the sweeping, vacuuming, scrubbing and drying functions simultaneously, providing unmatched convenience and efficiency.

The GMG gives time-poor managers what they need: a new era of cleaning excellence and efficiency.

And best of all, it’s 100% electric with the performance to rival diesel and LPG-powered equivalents.

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Check the box for sustainability

For businesses striving to be more environmentally-friendly, the electric nature of the GMG checks the box by eliminating reliance on fossil fuels and producing zero emissions during operation – without compromise to power or performance.

Complying with WHS requirements: low noise + low vibration + low respiratory risk

Transitioning from traditional ICE (internal-combustion engines) to electric promotes WHS of operators and bystanders in the workplace, especially for indoor applications.

By design, the GMG supports effective dust control. Wetting fine dust before vacuuming minimises the risk of potentially harmful particles becoming air-borne, which can lead to respiratory illness. Because it also produces zero exhaust fumes, respiratory risk is further mitigated.

Its near-silent operation minimises noise-related stress and hearing health risks, while low-vibration operation reduces operator fatigue over extended use along with the risk of repetitive strain injuries (RSI).

Powerful industrial drive chain for maximum climbing ability – up to 20 % gradient for cleaning on ramps or inclined surfaces.

Alleviate labour pressures with 2-in-1 cleaning functionality

Skilled labour challenges and the time commitment to perform a full clean can become barriers to running a smooth and efficient operation. With its 2-in-1 sweeping and scrubbing functionality, the GMG effectively halves the time and labour required for floor cleaning of industrial facilities. This efficiency allows you to better manage your human resources and increase productivity where the business needs it most.

Scalability and manoeuvrability for Australia’s largest industrial facilities

Beyond efficiency, the sheer scale and capacity of the GMG allows it to cover large surface areas, such as within car parks, multiple warehouses, and manufacturing plants, with ease. The GMG provides a thorough clean. Its powerful sweeping capabilities ensure it removes dust and loose debris from flooring, while the scrubbing function provides deep clean, restoring surfaces to a polished concrete or as-new condition.

The GMG is easily manoeuvrable, enabling operators to turn in narrow aisles and tight spaces, which means you’ll get excellent cleaning coverage even in challenging environments. Its design allows it to navigate standard aisle widths. Despite its size, the machine’s footprint enables it to turn within a 3.2-metre aisle, making it suitable for most industrial facilities.

The convenience of the GMG is that it eliminates the need to purchase and store multiple machines onsite, along with time-consuming labour, to significantly reduce cleaning times and free staff to be allocated to greater-impact tasks.

How do the numbers stack up? Consider Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

While the GMG’s electric nature undeniably comes with a higher price tag compared to fossil-fuel powered equivalents, when you consider the total cost of ownership (TCO), there are many long-term cost savings to be had.

As the caretaker of the GMG, you no longer need to fuel and maintain two separate machines. These aspects alone make the TCO calculations very attractive.

Built with no hydraulics, the GMG doesn’t require daily maintenance and fewer services during the year, giving operators more machine up-time We also offer zero hassles and zero downtime maintenance service for those businesses who can’t service their floor-cleaning machines in house.

Conquest GMG featuring large 90l with 1540mm high dump capability.

Power and performance without compromise

The GMG breaks new ground in both speed and performance. Requiring just the one machine to sweep, vacuum, scrub and dry in single pass translates into operational efficiency – especially over large industrial floor spaces.

1 . Simultaneous Cleaning Function with Equal Performance: The GMGs unique design sets it apart from other floor cleaning equipment in the market. While many machines in this category may excel in either sweeping or scrubbing functions, the GMG performs both tasks with equal excellence. By keeping the functions separate within the vehicle’s structure but running them simultaneously, it achieves a remarkable balance.

2. Unmatched brush speeds up to 315 rpm: The GMG operates with brush speeds of 315 rpm, compared to 200-250 rpm speeds typically seen in this category. This 20% increase in brush speed enables the GMG to clean more efficiently and deliver a deeper clean, while completing the job in a shorter time frame.

3. Superior adjustable down pressure up to 250 kg: With a capacity of up to 250 kg, the GMG can exert superior downward pressure into the floor equivalent to that of other larger machines in it’s class. This adjustable brush pressure feature further enhance its versatility, allowing it to adapt to various cleaning requirements where a lighter touch might be needed to protect certain surfaces.

4. Extended run times up to 7hrs: Because the GMG has been built from the ground up as an electric machine, it’s far lighter than its diesel equivalents, supporting extended run times of up to 7 hours of continuous operation. This extended battery life allows operators to complete a full work shift between charges, ensuring uninterrupted cleaning productivity.

5. Rated to industry-leading gradients up to 20%: The GMG is rated to operate at industry-leading gradients of up to 20%, compared to the common industry benchmark of 5-10%. This feature proves particularly advantageous for the likes of multi-storey car parks, where ramps between levels often have steep inclines.

The GMG is proving to be an invaluable asset to help businesses around the world achieve optimal cleanliness and operational efficiency. And now it’s available in Australia and New Zealand, exclusive to Conquest.


Watch the grand unveiling of the GMG in Melbourne with special guest Massimiliano Ruffo, Founder & CEO of Fimap Italy,  July 2023.

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