Conquest is constantly striving to provide a premium level of care for our customers. It is in this pursuit that we are delighted to be partnering with world-renowned industrial forklift manufacturer, Crown Equipment. This collaboration is an important milestone in our pursuit of providing the ultimate warehouse solution to our customers.

Crown and Conquest have enjoyed a successful relationship for many years and with this formal partnership it is an ideal outcome. Crown’s General Manager for Warehouse Solutions, Brett Stewart believes the parallels between the two companies are clear as ‘we utilise similar synergies’. While Conquest’s Managing Director, Michael Mathews, believes that this partnership is set to be a huge success, ‘Our team looks forward to working closely with Crown to provide their customers with the ultimate warehouse solution to meet their unique business needs.’

This exciting partnership opens up a new world of possibilities for Crown providing greater access to heavy duty cleaning equipment for their customers such as industrial floor sweepers and scrubbing machines– which has become a common request over recent years. Brett Stewart, explains that the partnership came about from a combination of customer feedback and the company’s focus on increasing its capability as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for warehouse solutions. Crown customers are able to enjoy the benefit of working with one representative for all their warehousing needs, resulting in greater convenience and efficiencies, paving the way to increased customer loyalty.

Perhaps most importantly, Conquest and Crown share business values which closely align, with both companies putting the needs of their customers at the forefront. Michael Mathews describes the new alliance as, ‘An excellent solution for Australian industry. We’ve always found Crown to be a solid company with a good reputation. Like Conquest, customer service and support are always Crown’s number one priority.’