After a successful visit to the Tomcat factory in Wisconsin, it was off to Chicago for Ben and Michael to research products new and upcoming at the ISSA2016 trade show.

International trade shows such as this, and the ISSA/Interclean show held in Amsterdam earlier this year, provide the perfect opportunity to see what’s new in the commercial and industrial cleaning industry.

Suppliers from across the globe attend to exhibit and research the latest trends in cleaning technology. Conquest’s international suppliers Tomcat and FIMAP both had their extensive ranges of floor cleaning machines on display.

Looking into the future of commercial and industrial cleaning

Beyond the power scrubbers and commercial cleaning equipment already in production and ready for purchase, these enormous trade shows are a chance to liaise with representatives and find out what developments are on the horizon.

The future of cleaning is set to change dramatically as the ‘internet of things’ (IoT) allows commercial and industrial cleaning equipment to report usage and technical information to managers over a Wi-Fi connection.

This can help to identify inefficiencies or problem areas in the cleaning process, keep an accurate record of power and water usage, and attend to small technical issues before they become large and expensive break-downs.

 Ben trying out a compact ride-on
power sweeper by FIMAP.

New-look Carbon
power scrubber by Tomcat

Entrance to ISSA2016 show
in Chicago, USA

In addition to the IoT, prototypes in robotic cleaning show great promise in reducing operator workload while maintaining efficiency and effectiveness. Imagine setting your tile floor cleaning machine to scrub the public bathrooms at regular intervals!

A new standard in hygiene and presentation is on its way as robotic and semi-automated floor scrubbing machines enter the market.

Knowing what is on the horizon for industrial and commercial cleaning equipment is critical in ensuring that the Australian cleaning industry is not left behind the rest of the world.

Luckily, Michael and Ben are here to do the research and ensure that Australian businesses have access to the most up-to-date in power sweeper and power scrubber technology



Header image and ISSA logo courtesy of ISSA 2016