When you’re running a warehouse or logistics operation and have business KPIs to meet, you don’t want a spanner thrown into the works that upsets your productivity. We recognise that productivity and uptime is the key to running a successful and efficient facility.

That’s why when you choose Conquest, we deliver only the highest quality machines to help you maintain efficiency.

We source our industrial floor cleaning equipment from only the best manufacturers in the US and Europe. Our global partners produce high-quality, roust and reliable equipment that we trust.

Through our Intelligent Solution Program (ISP) we help you work our which machine is optimal for your situation. We assess your space, your needs and identify your specific cleaning challenges, and then recommend the right machine for the job.

Plus, we tailor our solutions specifically to your business requirements.

Because we trust and believe in the reliability of our floor cleaning equipment, and the care taken to ensure you get the right equipment, we have no hesitation offering our unrivalled Conquest 360 promises:


60-day money back guarantee
If within 60 days the machine we recommend isn’t performing to your expectation, you have the option to upgrade or swap out your Conquest machine, or we’ll give you your money back.


4-year parts and labour warranty
Because we trust our equipment and the quality of our machines, you’ll receive a 4-year, industry-leading extended parts and labour warranty provided that you continue to service your machine per the manufacturer’s recommendations.


Fully flexible rentals without penalties
We offer a no risk, no penalty, fully flexible rental program where you can upgrade, downgrade, or return the machine within your fixed rental term.


100% satisfaction guaranteed
We’re so sure that you’ll love our reliable equipment and exceptional customer service that you’ll be completely satisfied with your Conquest commercial floor-cleaning solution.

Going one step further with our Zero Downtime Program

While we know our customers value our current Conquest 360 offers, we’re taking it one step further and proudly introduce our Zero Downtime Program.

Conquest ZDP Crew member in service van

Even the best equipment can experience breakdowns. When you buy or hire industrial floor cleaning equipment, you want to be sure that if something does go wrong, the impact on your workplace will be minimal. You want to be sure that you can continue to meet your WHS obligations and maintain a hazard-free and clean environment. And that’s what our Zero Downtime Program is all about.

With our industry-leading Zero Downtime Program, you’ll get:

Same day service response

If you are located in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane and call us before 12pm weekdays, we’ll send someone out same day to repair your machine.

You can also contact us for tech support over the phone for assistance.

Scheduled servicing

To protect your 4-year warranty, we’ll help you look after your machine by regularly undertaking a scheduled service to maintain the quality of the machine and its parts as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Emergency back-up loan equipment

If we are unable to repair your equipment same day, we’ll deliver a temporary loan machine to your site in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane the next working day.


Onsite operator training

We provide extensive education and operator training to minimise operator errors that can damage your equipment if the machine is misused, to reduce the likelihood of downtime.


How do you qualify for the Zero Downtime Program?

You can also contact us for tech support over the phone for assistance.

You automatically qualify to receive the benefits of our Zero Downtime Program when you take up a fully maintained rental package, or purchase a new Conquest machine with an Ultimate or Platinum service package.

Already an existing Conquest customer with one of these packages? We’re giving you the benefit of our Zero Downtime Program, too!

Peace of mind to run an efficient warehouse

When you’ve got such a lot on your plate already, the last thing you want to worry about is dealing with the headache of broken-down floor cleaning equipment or chasing spare parts.

ZDP Crew providing peace of mind

That’s why we want to give you certainty through our Zero Downtime Program that you’ll keep running an efficient facility, so you can focus on meeting your KPIs.

Discover the Conquest difference

Check out the packages we are offering with our new Zero Downtime Program.

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