Patiently waiting for the latest and greatest in commercial cleaning equipment to hit Australian shores has never been the Conquest way. And to prove it, we flew product experts Michael and Ben to the United States this week to experience firsthand what’s new in commercial and industrial cleaning equipment.

First stop, a tour of Tomcat’s factory in Racine, Wisconsin. Tomcat’s heavy duty power scrubbers, including the renowned EDGE series, continue to prove popular in global markets. Tomcat has always impressed with their hardy and effective floor scrubbing machines. Each of their machines are a testament to Tomcat’s dedication to building reliable, tough and sturdy equipment.

Adapting effective cleaning technology for a wide range of spaces and applications is something Tomcat does extremely well. The EDGE Stick and Nano EDGE prove that orbital scrubbing technology is highly effective in small or narrow spaces, while the GTX opens deep-scrubbing power to large areas requiring a ride-on.

This flexibility and durability demonstrated in Tomcat’s range of floor cleaning machines was key in Conquest’s decision to exclusively partner in bringing this brand to the Australian market.

Always eager to remain abreast of upcoming technology, our team was keen to see what Tomcat had in store for us next. It was our first glimpse of the new-look Hero, Recon, and Carbon models and man are we impressed with how these machines will benefit commercial and industrial floor cleaners alike.

The technical and practical knowledge imparted by the Tomcat team highlighted how design changes in the new models would allow for greater manoeuvrability. Changes to the squeegee system improved on the drying ability of the machine. Every aspect of the new-look power scrubbers has been carefully considered to maximise efficiency and effectiveness.

We continue to be proud champions of Tomcat’s industrial and commercial floor scrubbers here in Australia, and enjoyed the opportunity to visit our international supply partners to experience the passion and dedication that goes into perfecting their machines.