Oil and water spillages are a leading cause of slip and trip accidents in restaurants and other hospitality businesses. One unattended spill can lead to bruising, bleeding, and even broken bones!

If the incident involves your staff, it can mean operating your business without one of your employees while supporting them through compensation.

If the incident involves a customer, the reputation of your business could be at stake.

Business owners have a duty of care to employees and visitors to the premises, meaning one simple slip could be the beginning of lengthy legal process and a whole lot of paperwork.

Employees should be trained to understand the importance of attending to spills as they occur.

Having the right training and equipment on hand will enable your employees to act fast and ensure your floors remain clean and safe for staff and customers alike.


Here are some tips for addressing spillages safely:

  1. Never leave a spill unattended
    Encourage your staff to work as a team. Once a spill is spotted, have one staff member stand by the spill to help direct others around the spill.
  2. Have the right equipment
    Know what spills are most likely to occur in your business, and be prepared for them. Do you have wet floor signs and a safe mopping solution? Are chemical spills a possibility? If so, are your staff equipped to make the floor safe in a fast and efficient way?
  3. Never ignore a spill, no matter how busy you are
    It only takes a tiny spill to cause a big slip. Staff often cite understaffing as a reason for not attending to spillages in a timely manner. Ensure your staff understand that eliminating safety hazards is a business priority, and work with your team to organise a roster that allows for staff to address safety hazards without impacting your customer’s experience.

The result is a safe workplace and a clean restaurant that your customers will love.

Don’t let a spill eat into your business profits: invest in training and resources that make efficient spill clean-up a priority.



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