You deserve end-to-end service nationwide. This is how we deliver.

The rural town of Shepparton in Victoria may not look like much, but for Conquest it was the fertile business environment that shaped the company’s values over forty years of supporting other businesses. Businesses in rural areas survive on the strength of their reputation, on their ability to provide clients with what they need when they need it.

Delivering service that is timely, efficient, and convenient enabled Conquest to build a reputation in the rural community and to thrive as a business. Now, as a national supplier of floor cleaning equipment, Conquest strives to provide that same high level of client support and service to all clients, no matter how remote. Just as it supported the businesses of the Goulburn Valley, Conquest is dedicated to supporting you.

But how does Conquest manage to supply and service floor cleaning equipment across a country as large as Australia? The answer comes in three parts:

  1. Our dedicated staff at Conquest Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Shepparton.
    Conquest’s intelligent team are the first in line to help. If you need service for your existing floor cleaning machine, there’s only one number you need to call: 1800 826 789. Our staff will organise for a service technician to come to you. We can also arrange for product demonstrations, site assessments, and spare parts to be delivered at your convenience.
  2. Our reliable distributors across the country.
    Conquest has partnered with leading cleaning specialists to give you better flexibility in purchasing your equipment. Our distributors are experts on the power and versatility of the Conquest range and are passionate about improving your cleaning processes. To find out who your nearest distributor is, call our main office on 1800 826 789.
  3. Our network of skilled service technicians.
    For where our Conquest service vans can’t reach, we’ve sourced technicians across Australia to service clients in need. Wherever you are, we can get it fixed. All you need to do is call us on 1800 826 789, and we’ll do the rest.

Through partnerships with other businesses across Australia, Conquest is able to deliver complete cleaning solutions nationwide.

If you’d like to know more about how we can support you throughout the life of your floor cleaning equipment, call us on 1800 826 789.