As we continue to adapt to a new COVID-19 normal, cleaning and hygiene has been thrown into the spotlight like never before. The importance of maintaining a clean and healthy workplace with a robust COVID-SAFE plan, has become essential to remaining operational. But taking additional precautionary steps to keep everyone safe and meet legislative requirements, doesn’t have to impact your productivity.

Unclean Floors are a Contamination Risk

The surfaces beneath your feet may seem low risk. However did you know that contaminated microorganisms can attach to fine dust particles, that become a risk when airborne? Cross-contamination from indirect contact with floor surfaces is another known risk.

Appropriate floor cleaning and disinfection is therefore a critical yet under-considered element of a successful infection control program at any industrial or commercial facility. Even more so in environments with strict hygiene protocols such as food processing and health, and those with a significant employee base such as busy warehouses and distribution centres.

Difference between Cleaning and Disinfecting

In order to develop the best floor cleaning practices for infection control, it helps to understand the different between cleaning and disinfecting.

Cleaning Disinfecting
Removal of dirt and impurities from surfaces. Disinfectant kills germs that it remains in contact with for the appropriate period.

Cleaning and disinfecting work together to achieve the greatest reduction of infectious bacteria and viruses on surfaces; firstly, by removing dust and impurities then allowing the disinfectant to property penetrate the surface.

Innovation for productivity in the New Normal

At Conquest, we understand that the practicalities of maintaining a safe and hygienic workplace often come at the sacrifice of productivity.

Now, selected Conquest floor scrubbers can be customised with our new disinfectant misting attachments to become a powerful and efficient
4-in-1 cleaning and sanitising solution. This leading innovation direct from Italy allows you to pre-sweep, scrub and dry floors while disinfecting surfaces – all in a single pass.

So with all the time and energy saved, you can focus on running a successful, productive and safe facility.

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