Nobody notices a clean floor. But everybody will notice a dirty one. There’s no doubt that first impressions count, and visitors to your facility can make split-second decisions about your entire organisation the moment they step through the door.

Presentation is everything when it comes to the way people view your ability to run operations. Dirty or dusty floors, chemical spills, and stained safety markings can reflect poorly upon even the tightest of ships. In fact, poor workplace hygiene and cleanliness can be viewed as a sign of inefficient and disorganised management, and may even be the difference between winning or losing a new national contract, passing or failing a site audit, or whether or not you get that next big promotion.

Dust it off

Not only can dust make a bad impression on anyone visiting your facility, it can also result in stock devaluation or damage, and an increase in workplace accidents.

Dusty or contaminated stock, especially food items, may be rejected by customers upon delivery, or written off onsite. This can represent thousands of dollars of profit lost.

Plus, it’s also been proven that a dusty environment can create slipping hazards. This can result in tyre spin and loss of control for vehicles, such as forklifts, and painful or dangerous falls for staff. Dust can also settle on machinery in the facility, abrading moving parts and resulting in costly damage and repairs.

But while dust can lead to all sorts of disastrous consequences, the solution is comparatively easy. A regular sweep of the floor with an industrial sweeper can help to minimise airborne dust, while routinely wiping down surfaces, including shelving units, can help to reduce a build-up in your facility.

Clean facility. Clean mindset.

While it’s important to maintain a clean and organised facility for people visiting your factory, the people working in your factory can also be influenced by the cleanliness of their workplace. In fact, working in a clean and organised environment has been found to increase happiness and morale for staff, and help to encourage a more productive mindset.

Working in a cluttered or dirty environment, on the other hand, can and even lead to dissatisfaction in the workplace.

In our 40+ years of floor cleaning experience, we’ve seen the negative effects of dirty facilities with our own eyes. In fact, we’ve had customers report that the messier their workplace became, the less productive their staff grew, and the less inclined they were to pick up debris from the floor.

By offering your staff a clean environment to work in, you’re not only helping to prevent workplace accidents, you’re also encouraging staff to take greater pride in their work. After all, if you’re putting in the time to keep facilities clean for staff, your staff, in turn, will want to put more time into doing a good job for you.

When you provide a safe, organised, and hygienic workplace, everybody wins!

Conquest is behind you all the way

Dedicated to ensuring that your first impression is always a good one, Conquest is your partner in cleaning when it comes to eliminating dirty floors and the impact they have on your business.

We’re here to ensure that you always have the right tools for the job, whenever you need them. That’s why we offer competitive value, flexible rental agreements, and 60-day money back guarantees for our extensive range of quality cleaning equipment.

However, we don’t just stop at high quality products, we believe in high quality service as well! That’s why, throughout the lifetime of your machine, we offer ongoing support, repairs, and servicing to keep your equipment in tip-top condition and running at its best.

It’s all part of our Zero Downtime Program, which offers same-day repairs, scheduled servicing, emergency loan equipment and staff training to ensure that you hit the ground running with your equipment, and can continue running smoothly and efficiently, even in the unlikely event of a breakdown.

With Conquest in your corner, you can leave us to focus on your floors, so that you can focus on keeping your facility running safely, productively, and efficiently.

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