You can find out almost everything you need to know on the internet, so why even bother going to a trade show?

For the one thing the internet can’t provide: a true machine experience.


Technology has delivered some amazing advances in cleaning equipment.

Conquest’s Partnership Day and Expo 2016 saw the launch of three small form machines that bring quality commercial cleaning to small businesses.

Why mop when you can scrub and dry in one pass? Cleaning is getting more clever every day.

However, these rapid advances can be hard to comprehend. Their significance and potential impact on cleaning processes can get lost in endless charts comparing benefit charts with ticks and crosses, measurements and estimated capacities.

How do you know which of these fancy sounding features are actually useful, and which are deviously worded gimmicks?

Conquest believes the truth is in the machine. Live experience with the machine and proper education in its features, are two of the most important factors in understanding what a solution can do for you.

At the Partnership Day and Expo 2016, Conquest provided both: opening up the Broadmeadows facility to show the flexible range of commercial cleaning equipment available.

Special guests Marco Albi (Fimap Italy, FIMOP and Genie range), Colin Stephenson (Rotowash Australasia) and Will Koeppel (Tomcat USA) were on hand to guide attendees in learning everything from best practices with scrubbing pads to the quickest way to attach a Rotowash to its trolley.

The facility was abuzz with demonstrations galore, attendees manoeuvring machines about the trial flooring to experience the reality of operating the equipment.

The days provided a wonderful opportunity not just to learn from the machines and from the special guest speakers, but also for attendees to share their own hard-learned lessons in the industry.

Fun and informative from beginning to end, the Partnership and Expo days were a great success. Expo days and trade shows are an excellent venue for building networks across the Australian commercial and industrial cleaning industry.

Sharing challenges benefits everyone involved. It helps businesses to be more clever in the way they clean. This, combined with understanding what equipment is out there and what it can do, seeing it in action, leads to developing a truly intelligent cleaning regime.

And that is the ultimate goal for any Expo attendee: achieving efficient, safe, and clever cleaning.


Conquest would like to thank all attendees of their Melbourne Expo. For more information on upcoming events, including our Sydney open days, please subscribe to our newsletter here!

Small form machine, the Nano EDGE brings orbital scrubbing to smaller businesses.


Will Koeppel of Tomcat USA demonstrates the chemical free stripping abilities of the EDGE series.

Colin Stephenson answering questions on the Rotowash