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Recently unveiled in Australia for the first time, the 100% electric GMG large capacity sweeper scrubber is turning heads everywhere it goes.

Mainfreight Epping were the lucky Australian-first to witness the revolutionary GMG electric sweeper scrubber demonstrated at their facility. The initial reactions captured from Alex Panait, the Branch Manager of Mainfreight Epping, reveal a blend of awe and enthusiasm for the cutting-edge innovation and eco-conscious features.

Sustainability matters

With sustainability at the forefront of modern business practices, the GMG electric sweeper scrubber shines as a beacon of environmental responsibility. As Alex Panait put it, the GMG sweepers align seamlessly with Mainfreight Epping’s commitment to sustainability, making a remarkable stride towards reducing their carbon footprint. Being 100% electric, this advanced cleaning equipment offers a sustainable alternative to conventional, fuel-driven machines. This aligns perfectly with the company’s environmental objectives and showcases a forward-thinking approach that the industry can look up to.

Low noise operation

One of the most notable features that immediately caught Alex’s attention was the whisper-quiet operation of the GMG sweeper scrubber. Noise pollution and hearing safety has long been a concern in industrial settings, impacting both employees and the surrounding community. The GMG sweeper scrubber, however, operates with an impressively low noise output, minimising disturbance while promoting a safer work environment.

Clean and dry in a single pass

Alex’s excitement didn’t stop there. He went on to express his amazement at the superior quality of the cleaned floor surface. The GMG sweeper scrubber left behind a super-dry floor. This not only ensures safer working conditions by reducing the risk of slip-and-fall accidents or forklift tyres skidding, but also enhances overall productivity by minimizing downtime waiting for wet floors to be ready and safe to work on.

In Alex’s own words…

“We’re doing a trial with the electric sweeper scrubber which, yeah, first impressions is that it is doing a pretty good job. Nice and quiet, covers the electrical aspect which is important for us in terms of sustainability. From a noise perspective, yeah, it does a pretty good job. The outcome of it, as we can see, is pretty good, and to be honest I’m impressed by how dry the floor is left behind. For me, that’s a significant plus!”

On Tour Now

Excitement for the GMG electric sweeper scrubber is rippling across the Australian industrial landscape. Currently embarking on a national demonstration tour, it is capturing the attention of industry professionals in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

See some of the results from the latest demonstrations:

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Roadshow Schedule:

BRISBANE: 15th August – 23rd August

MELBOURNE: 11th September – 14th September

SYDNEY: 31st July – 9th August (CLOSED*)
*Sydney July-August demonstrations are now closed. Please call 1800 826 789 for the next available demonstration tickets.

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