As a business or operations manager, you likely recognise that dusty or stained warehouse flooring negatively impacts the presentation of your facility. But do you know just how much dirty floors and inadequate floor cleaning practices are costing you?

Inventory De-Valuation or Write-Offs

Dust is an unbeatable force. It is carried into industrial facilities on the wind and truck tyres, and can even be thrown into the air by inadequate floor cleaning equipment. Airborne dust doesn’t just settle on the floor, but also on your racking and inventory. Filthy stock not only looks bad, but can result in devaluation and even expensive write-offs.

WHS Claims

Work Health & Safety (WHS) is another major drawcard for investing in keeping warehouse flooring clean. A facility that efficiently manages  spills and is free from debris reduces you employees’ risk of slips, trips and falls. In turn, you minimise your business risk of lost productivity or workers compensation claims.

Cost of Labour

It is well-known in the industry that the most significant cost of cleaning expansive warehouse flooring is in the labour. Inefficient practices or inadequate floor cleaning equipment take up unnecessary man-hours and may even add to your headcount.

What can you do?

So you’ve identified that filthy warehouse floors and ineffective floor cleaners are costing you money… now what?

It’s time to consult the experts.

Conquest offer a unique Intelligent Solutions Program (ISP) designed especially to help you identify the most effective and cost-efficient floor cleaning solution for your facility. It all starts with a free on-site assessment, where we work with you to understand your primary challenges. We then recommend the most effective and cost-efficient solution to tackle those unique challenges head-on.

Is dust costing you? The let’s get you onto a powerful suction sweeper with a state-of-the-art dust control filtration system. Worried about the risk of spills and cleaning in low-light environments? No problem! A Conquest warehouse scrubber with built-in safety features – such as a reversing camera and headlights – may be just the thing for you. Conquest ISP helps uncover your true requirements and ensures you get exactly the right solution, backed by our industry leading 60 day Money Back Guarantee.

Conquest offer innovative and reliable floor cleaning equipment for sale or hire from as little as one day, with national service and support from strategically located facilities in MelbourneSydney and Brisbane.

Contact us today to book a no-obligation floor cleaning assessment at your facility, and let us help you save time and money at your facility!


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