Finding better and ever-more innovative ways to clean has long been Conquest’s main focus. We are fully committed to seeing our customers benefit from access to the latest trends in floor cleaning technology. So, it was with great pleasure that we welcomed industry guests to our National Head Office in Tullamarine, VIC, for the unveiling of our latest innovation in ride-on floor scrubbing machines.

It was an excited crowd that gathered on 5 July for this all-day event which ran from 10.00am to 7.00pm. Guests enjoyed the opportunity to speak with our highly knowledgeable team, gaining some valuable tips on how to get the most out of their commercial cleaning equipment. And particularly helpful were the industry insights given by our very special guest, Marco Albi, Head of After Sales at Fimap, Italy.

Conquest’s Managing Director, Michael Mathews, gave a great welcome speech which included an informative introduction to the star of the day, the Magna Plus ride-on floor scrubber machine and its companion, the Magna. Speaking enthusiastically about the benefits of increased innovation, Michael said, ‘These machines offer world-first features which improve operator and bystander safety and give greater configuration flexibility.’ Declaring them ‘real game changers’, Michael continued by saying, ‘Their many benefits mean they’re ideal for a whole range of different applications, undoubtedly making cleaning even easier.’ It was then over to Marco for the happy task of the unveiling. Marco also took the opportunity to say a few words highlighting several of the Magna Plus’ best features.

And game changers these robust industrial floor scrubbers certainly are! Both the Magna and Magna Plus showcase the best in commercial cleaning equipment and feature:

  • Large 200 litre tanks
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Fixed squeegee designed to minimise damage from catching on objects
  • Streamlined, ergonomic design

Additionally, the Magna Plus features:

  • Reversing camera for easy manouvering and increased safety
  • Descent control for safe negotiation of inclines
  • Collision control, reducing accidents by sounding an alarm when too close to an object
  • LED lighting on the underbody for greater visibility of the area to be cleaned
  • On-board tutorials so operators can benefit from optimum performance handling techniques
  • Ability to set up zones for different cleaning areas, reducing time needed to reset
  • Side scrubbing brush ideal for maximum proximity to items.

Launch attendees were also treated to a demonstration of several other industrial floor cleaners and floor scrubbers from our range, including the new MMG Plus and the Maxima 50 BT Plus – both hugely impressive and capable of packing a big cleaning punch.

If you would like to know more about the Magna and the Magna Plus, or to see a demonstration please call Conquest on 1800 826 789.