The global cleaning industry is poised for a revolution as ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association, presents the annual ISSA Cleaning and Hygiene Expo, scheduled to take place on November 1st and 2nd, 2023, in Melbourne. As Australia’s premier event dedicated to cleaning and hygiene, the expo promises two action-packed days of knowledge sharing, educational insights, relationship building, and cutting-edge product innovation. Conquest, a pioneering force in the industrial cleaning equipment sector, is proud to announce its participation, offering a glimpse into the future of floor cleaning technology that emphasizes sustainability and safety.

Innovating the Cleaning Landscape

Conquest’s presence at the ISSA Expo underscores the company’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of floor cleaning technology. Attendees can anticipate first-hand experiences with the latest advancements designed to redefine how businesses approach their cleaning operations. From Building Service Contractors to Commercial Cleaners, Facilities representatives in Manufacturing, Government, and Hospitality, participants from diverse sectors will encounter tailored solutions to address their unique challenges.

Sustainability and Safety at the Heart of Innovation

Conquest’s showcase at the expo will spotlight a range of commercial floor sweeping and scrubbing innovations, underpinned by a resolute dedication to sustainability and safety. As the industry landscape evolves to embrace more eco-friendly practices, Conquest’s offerings are poised to lead the way in meeting the demand for efficient, effective, and environmentally conscious cleaning solutions.

Among the highly anticipated highlights of Conquest’s exhibit is showcasing their innovative responses to the growing call for sustainable solutions. These includes electric operation to produce zero emissions, water-saving options, and chemical-free cleaning options. True to Conquest’s ethos, these innovations do not compromise on quality or performance, boasting robust design and engineering tailored to withstand the rigors of local operating conditions.

Empowering Operations with the Zero Downtime Program

A cornerstone of Conquest’s showcase is the revolutionary Zero Downtime Program (ZDP). Born out of the understanding that machine downtime disrupts not only business operations but also operator performance and facility key performance indicators, ZDP offers a comprehensive suite of benefits:

  • Same Day response to emergency breakdowns in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney
  • Emergency Back-Up Loan Equipment for use when equipment cannot be repaired same-day
  • Conquest’s 4-year Warranty Protection, through regular preventative maintenance
  • Comprehensive Onsite Operator Training to minimize the risk of operator errors and misuse, preventing injury or machine damage


Conquest’s focus on Customer CARE (Customers Are Really Everything) is evident through ZDP, in August announcing an impressive 40% reduction in breakdown response times achieved over the past year.

Elevating Operator Experience with Conquest QR

Conquest QR, a forward-thinking solution designed to streamline floor cleaning equipment operation, will also be demonstrated at the expo. All new Conquest machines are equipped with a custom QR label affixed near the controls, providing operators instant access to a web-based interface tailored to their specific model. This interface grants access to essential resources, including operator manuals, daily maintenance instruction, operator training videos, direct contact with Conquest Parts, and Service Request Registration Forms for urgent repairs and support. Conquest QR empowers operators with essential information precisely when and where they need it, while complementing Conquest’s continued commitment to personalized service and support.

Experience the Future of Cleaning with Conquest

Conquest extends a warm invitation to all attendees of the ISSA Cleaning and Hygiene Expo to visit their exhibit and witness the evolution of floor cleaning technology and service solutions. Engage with Conquest’s experts, partake in demonstrations, and explore the innovative solutions that promise to redefine the cleaning landscape.

Registration to attend is free.