To meet the requirements of today’s Work Health & Safety (WHS) standards and ever-stricter building codes, architects, building owners and companies alike are specifying high quality non-slip or bluestone-type flooring. In new buildings, developed spaces and building refurbishments, we are seeing these textured floor surfaces appearing more and more. However, while the large scale use of non-slip floor types help with the achievement of WHS KPI’s, slip resistant floor cleaning has become a significant challenge for many.

Tile manufacturers drive the shift to orbital floor scrubbers for slip resistant floor cleaning

Traditional commercial floor cleaners such as disc and cylindrical floor scrubbers, are simply not the right answer to this new-age challenge.

Dissatisfied with the outcomes, flooring manufacturers themselves stepped in to push the investigation into how to maintain the presentation and appearance of purposefully textured surfaces. And from there, the development of the principal behind orbital floor scrubbing technology was borne.

While orbital floor scrubbers appeared to be the right solution, it proved difficult to get the recipe just right. This resulted in low quality machines with extremely high failure rates, vibration issues for operators, and increased machine maintenance costs.

They were missing the most critical part of the equation – 100% accuracy in the engineering. This applies to every aspect of the machine, from the oscillation speed to the oscillation range, pad texture, engineering accuracy, actuator consistency, weight and down pressure. If just one of these essential ingredients is overlooked, it will cause failure and poor slip resistant floor cleaning outcomes.

The right recipe for commercial floor scrubbers on textured floors

Conquest’s US-based manufacturing partner recognised this gap, and developed the perfect recipe. Lead by a high-level engineer, clever design combined with engineering accuracy results in the Conquest Edge Series of orbital floor cleaners.

While we’re not prepared to share all the secrets with the world, know that we have carefully considered the ingredients to ensure we are delivering the right orbital scrubbing solution – including weight, oscillation speed, oscillation range, movement of the head, specially designed actuator, driven head pressure and other highly refined engineering. This combination has proven time and time again to achieve the best cleaning results on difficult, non-slip floors, even in high traffic spaces such as shopping centre, supermarkets and commercial buildings.

Delivering the highest oscillation speed on the market today, the Conquest Edge Series of commercial floor cleaners extends from miniature Nano hand-held units through larger, ride-on versions.

But don’t just take our word on it…

Johan Zetterlund, Architectural Representative at Earp Bros – Surface Evolution, says:

“Through hard lessons learned over 30 years, Earp Bros acknowledged the lack of proper maintenance understanding of slip resistant tiles and the complications surrounding it. This is one of the reasons we are Australia’s Industry Leader in Sustainable Slip Resistant hard surface materials.

Conquest Equipment’s EDGE Series machines does the absolute best job of maintaining our tiles without any accelerated surface wear. This ensures best possible product service life and long-term compliance…Did I mention you also get sparkling clean floors?!”

100% satisfaction or your money back

We’re so confident you’ll love the results achieved with Conquest Edge Series orbital scrubbers on your slip-resistant surfaces, that we are prepared to back our recommendation with a 100% satisfaction, 60 day money back guarantee.

Keen to maintain the presentation of your non-slip floors, without the risk of accelerated wear? Contact us for a complimentary assessment of your slip resistant floor cleaning requirement. We can come to your site, or arrange a phone discussion with one of our product experts.


About the Author: Ben Mathews loves working together with Conquest clients across Australia within the Industrial, Commercial and Building Service Contractor markets, demonstrating “A Clever Way To Clean”. Starting in the service department some 16 years ago, Ben has moved his way up through the company and is now charged with the position of Sales Director. His days consist of floor cleaning consulting, site evaluations and providing advice regarding best practice floor cleaning methods. Email Ben.