Conquest was back for one of our favourite trade shows of the year, CleanScene! The annual show, held at the Sydney Showgrounds alongside the Safety in Action exhibition, provides businesses in the commercial and industrial cleaning industry the chance to display, view, and interact with the newest technologies and products on the Australian market.

As an exhibitor at the show, Conquest was especially proud to present two innovative new products from our Fimap and TomCat EDGE range. Both the Fimop and the Nano EDGE are small-form machines, suited to small or narrow spaces that may be missed by larger walk-behind or ride-on machines.

The Fimop is the upgrade to the mop-and-bucket system that smaller businesses have been waiting for. Traditional mopping is tedious and time consuming. Unless a business had the floor space and needs to warrant a large walk-behind scrubber, manual scrubbing was the only option. The Fimop fills this gap, scrubbing and drying floors in one step. Ideal for spot cleaning, even in a busy venue!

The Nano EDGE also brings professional cleaning power to small spaces. Small enough to fit in and around bathroom fittings, the Nano EDGE is our most versatile orbital scrubber yet. The rectangular pad fits perfectly on stairs, scrubs deep into grout, and like the rest of the EDGE series, can be used to strip your floors ahead of re-sealing.

Both items were a hit at the show and in our orbital scrubbing presentation. The commercial cleaning industry is constantly changing, with new innovations making the tools available safer, more efficient, more cost-effective, and more environmentally friendly. Conquest is proud to offer a versatile range that makes the most of new technology, letting our clients get down to the business of clever cleaning.

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