At Conquest, we know that our power scrubbers need to achieve the perfect sheen and be safe, efficient and environmentally-friendly.

Technological advances over the past five years have enabled our scrubbing machines to cover new ground. They can now tackle a variety of surfaces, and their intelligent systems mean you can always be assured of a thorough, top-quality clean.

We are excited to announce that we have recently added two new innovative commercial floor cleaners to our range:


MXL walk behind scrubber – with a 750mm scrub path and the power to clean in any environment and under even the most difficult conditions. Its thoughtful design combines high performance components with the most advanced technology.


BMG ride on floor scrubber – a powerful cleaner offering the same features and options of larger models, creating a compact yet extremely powerful scrubbing machine.


“We’re extremely pleased with the addition of these new power scrubbers to our range,” says Conquest’s Managing Director Michael Mathews. “It’s exciting to be at the forefront of the latest technologies, and to push the boundaries in floor cleaning. We’re always looking for better ways to deliver the best solutions to our customers.”

Safety is always our priority

The use of any kind of industrial equipment can be hazardous. Therefore, our new power scrubber range includes state-of-the-art upgrades to the safety features to ensure the wellbeing of the operator and bystanders. These include:

• Emergency stop – for total operator control in the event of unforeseen circumstances

• Reverse cameras and sensors with alarms – for safe manoeuvrability and protection of people and property

• LED lights – for improved cleaning in low-lit areas or for night-time cleaning

• Safety braking system – which engages as soon as the machine stops, allowing operators to safely clean ramps and avoid dangerous situations

• Low-centre of gravity – to improve stability and descent control of ride on floor scrubbers

• Noise-cancelling features – for quiet operation, allowing work to continue uninterrupted during the cleaning process and for night-time cleaning without disturbing residents.

Sustainability for floor scrubbers – and for the environment

Prioritising efficiency helps to extend the life of the machine; it also reduces the impact that industrial cleaning equipment has on the environment in terms of water, detergent and power use – and that’s in all our best interests. New sustainability features include:

• Energy saving systems – reducing energy consumption by up to 35%

• LED headlights – consuming up to 80% less energy than conventional headlights

• Eco-mode function – using only the quantities of water and detergent required and nothing more

• Zone programming – allowing operators to set the amount of water and solution to clean a specific area, resulting in consistent cleaning regardless of the operator, which means less training is required

• Solution saver system – allowing operators to separately dose water and detergent, helping to reduce the carbon footprint

• Long-range technology – recycling detergent to scrub a larger floor area using less resources, reducing water and detergent consumption per operation by up to 66%.

Whatever your requirements, Conquest has a range of options to suit your needs and budget.

Choose from among our standard models that feature easy-to-use controls, colour coded parts that need to be cleaned following use and an emergency stop button. Or select from our more advanced Plus models that combine cutting-edge smart technologies including zone control, reverse camera, touch screen display, and helpful onboard tutorials for ongoing operator training.

Discover the clever way to clean with by booking your free onsite assessment today or learn more about our innovative power scrubber range, or any other type of commercial cleaning equipment by contacting us on 1800 826 789.