Conquest prides itself on nationwide sales and service, even to the most remote areas of Australia.

Often this is achieved with the help of our trusted partners. Our team frequently travel across the country – from Western Australia to Tasmania – to advise and support clients with their hard floor cleaning challenges.

Back in August, Conquest announced the opening of a dedicated Brisbane office to increase the availability of site assessments (through our Intelligent Solutions Program) to clients across Queensland. The Intelligent Solutions Program identifies the unique floor cleaning challenges on site, enabling our team to recommend the best commercial cleaning equipment for the task.

The response has been incredible, with Queensland businesses eager to upgrade slow or ineffective cleaning processes to solutions tailored to their unique needs.

This month, the mobile service fleet was extended to meet the growing need in Queensland. Using our Brisbane office as a base, the Queensland team are now better positioned to provide scheduled maintenance and emergency repairs.

Upgrades to the warehouse and picking process in our spare parts department have also been a great success. Additional racking has been installed to allow a larger inventory, enabling Conquest to keep more parts on hand: ready for when they’re needed.

The spare parts team continually strive to reduce dispatch and delivery times. Orders can be tracked, for full visibility over scheduled deliveries.

Providing a smooth sales and service experience is important to Conquest’s end-to-end client support philosophy. Conquest is here to help, from first contact and throughout the life cycle of your Conquest machine.

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