Comprehensive fleet management.
Anytime. Anywhere.

An all-new offer from Conquest, Conquest FM is an intuitive bolt-on system that seamlessly integrates with both new and existing industrial floor cleaning and outdoor maintenance fleet assets.

Secure access to the portal permits real-time usage data and reporting, offering unmatched visibility and empowering informed decision-making across your entire fleet.

But that’s not all. Conquest FM empowers you to command safety and performance KPIs with ingenious features built-in and customisable, to minimise downtime and champion operator safety.

Taking the Helm of Your Entire Fleet

You don’t have to prematurely retire machinery to assume control with Conquest FM. As a bolt-on system, integrating new and existing assets is a smooth, straightforward, and cost-effective solution to managing your entire fleet.

Ben Matthews, Conquest Sales Director, explains, “Conquest FM is a bolt-on system, meaning it can be used with both existing and new Conquest and EcoTeq fleet assets. Managers can add Geo-fencing to certain assets to ensure machines are confined to dedicated areas, or zones, within facilities. This aids managers in fleet utilisation, reallocating machines to sites where they’re needed most, thereby increasing uptime, and decreasing downtime.”

Commanding Your Time

Conquest FM empowers you to seize control of your time by eliminating the need for on-site audits and machine usage inspections. Revel in the efficiency and convenience of accessing all necessary machine and utilisation information without leaving the comfort of your office.

“It brings a greater level of accountability because everyone in the business can see what’s going on, without even having to go to the site,” says Ben.

Overseeing Performance

Attain comprehensive visibility of your cleaning assets from any corner of the globe, accessing key metrics such as operating time, ignition time, and precise location in real time. Efficiently manage multiple assets across various sites, streamlining management processes, and ensuring peak performance across your entire fleet.

Ben emphasises the significance of utilisation, particularly for large fleets, in helping Conquest customers identify under-utilised cleaning assets or determine if a machine is no longer needed at a site. Managers can also ensure contractors fulfil their contractual obligations, holding them accountable to what has been agreed.

Upholding Workplace Health & Safety

Operator logins effectively eradicate unauthorised usage, ensuring only trained personnel operate equipment, thereby significantly reducing the risk of accidents and machine damage. Customised pre-start safety checklists tailored to your specific requirements promote consistent adherence to safety protocols, minimising operational errors.

Ben highlights, “The system also includes a pre-start checklist, which the operator needs to complete before using the machine. This is a safety mechanism, tracking the user and ensuring risks are reduced, and the machine is fit for operation.” Furthermore, unauthorised usage can be thwarted through the QR system, providing an authorisation key to activate the machine. Operators can also log in with a question-and-answer option, where an incorrect answer will immobilise the machine.

Key Features of Conquest FM:

    • Comprehensive Asset Oversight: Access asset statistics, metrics, location, and diagnostic information through a customisable portal.
    • Intelligent Hardware: Equipped with state-of-the-art components, the Conquest FM system provides real-time visibility into asset location and status.
    • Logical Asset Separation: Seamlessly separate assets between customers and/or sites for enhanced organisation and efficiency.
    • Asset Dashboard: Obtain a centralised dashboard for a comprehensive overview of all asset information.
    • Customised Reporting: Leverage powerful reporting to derive actionable insights tailored to your business needs.
    • Driver ID & Pre-start Checks: Ensure compliance and safety with smartphone sign-in and mandated checklist completion.
    • Gateway to Digital Document Management: Simplify pre-starts and maintenance management with seamless document handling.
    • Maintenance Management: Schedule and track maintenance tasks effortlessly to optimise equipment performance.


Seize control of your fleet today. Contact Conquest for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with an FM specialist.