October was another busy month with trade exhibitions.

Firstly in conjunction with our Brisbane distributor Conquest had a range of large equipment at the Civenex Show in Queensland on the 8th and 9th. Being a show intended for councils and civil contractor’s, footpath and large area cleaning was the focus of the stand.

Then on the 14th Conquest joined the industry leaders at the MCG in Melbourne for the 2014 Ausclean show. The day kicked off with a guided tour of the famous sporting facility including an insight into the enormous efforts put in every week to keep such a prestige facility clean considering the huge crowds that attend each event. (Conquest had a keen interest in this knowing that some of their Edge Orbital Scrubbers are used to clean some of the surfaces at the MCG no other machine could).

Both shows were a roaring success with the World’s First Battery Powered Suction Sweeper, the Ecosweep 360 taking centre stage at both shows. Apart from being a logistics nightmare to get such a large machine from Brisbane to Melbourne so quickly (the shows only days apart) the Ecosweep 360 generated a lot of interest for those concerned about noise and the environment.