Councils and Municipalities around the country are focused on the environment and maintaining hygienic, well-presented streetscapes for the enjoyment of residents and visitors alike. The collection of litter and debris from carparks, gutters, garden beds, nature reserves and public spaces has long been considered a dirty and arduous manual job. Add to that the risk of contact with sharps and exposure to infection and other contaminants, and the task is often tossed in the too-hard basket. But not anymore! Introducing the Conquest EcoVac 240 Vacuum Street Cleaner – the latest addition to our range of electric Outdoor solutions.

Environmentally Friendly Vacuum Street Cleaner


The Conquest EcoVac 240 is a powerful vacuum street cleaner that is 100% battery operated. Fully electric operation means that there are zero harmful emissions radiated into the atmosphere for 100% eco-friendly cleaning as well as whisper quiet operation, ideal for use in populated areas.

The clever automatic dust filtration system reduces the amount of hazardous or infectious airborne dust released into the air for the protection of operators and bystanders. Automatic cleaning also allows the EcoVac 240 suction cleaner to continue operating at maximum capacity, unlike traditional vacuum street cleaners that require the operator to stop and manually clean after every use.

Taking The Challenge Out Of Outdoor Cleaning 

The latest addition to our Outdoor Solutions range uses a lightweight carbon wand with 125mm diameter suction hose to collect debris. With the simple wave of the wand, operators are able to retrieve waste from hard to reach places, including sharps and even larger items such as a half-full soft drink bottle. Litter is passed straight into the 240l wheelie bin waste hopper, for simple emptying without exposure to contaminated waste.

Simple to operate and manoeuvre, the EcoVac 240 features a self-propelled electronic drive with 360 degree turning radius and adjustable ergonomic handle. The compact design allows the vacuum street cleaner to fit through tight spaces including standard doorways, while solid puncture-proof tyres are ideal for uneven outdoor applications and do not lose pressure over time.

Versatile Street Cleaning For All Occasions

The Conquest EcoVac 240 is already garnering interest from Local Governments across Australia for rubbish collection in parks, carparks and show ground facilities. Building Services Contractors (BSC’s) and Contract Cleaners area also enjoying the simple-to-use litter vacuum system for clean up at stadiums and arenas, as well as following large-scale events such as festivals and concerts.

To help you get on the job quicker, Conquest offer flexible purchase options including no risk rentals. We can even help for those one-time-only post event cleans, with Short-Term Hire starting from as little as one day.

Public hygiene and the environment have never been more pressing and topical issues. Contact us today for a no obligation discussion to discover how we can help.