Conquest Equipment’s National Sales Manager, Chester Larsen, spoke to MHD about the Australian cleaning solution company’s latest combination sweeper scrubber, the GMG. This new innovation was recently unveiled in Australia for the first time by Michael Matthews, Managing Director of Conquest, and Massimiliano Ruffo, founder and CEO of Italian-based manufacturer, Fimap.

Conquest Equipment’s partnership with Fimap, an Italian company specialising in the design and manufacture of innovative industrial floor cleaning solutions, has produced the GMG combination sweeper scrubber. 

This electric, large-capacity combination cleaning solution is suitable for logistics, transport, building services, construction, and manufacturing environments, and can sweep, vacuum, scrub, and dry simultaneously, providing unmatched convenience and efficiency. 

The GMG travels at speeds up to nine kilometres per hour and requires just a single operator – saving on labour and improving productivity. You have the option of choosing between wet battery cells or upgrading to lithium-ion for even greater run time. It’s also capable of operating at steeper inclines compared to other cleaning machines available on the Australian market. 

“It’s a really exciting time for us to launch this combination machine, which does a true sweep, and then a real scrub, in the one pass,” Chester Larsen, National Sales Manager at Conquest Equipment, says about the release of the GMG in the ANZ region. 

An Integrated Solution for Modern Demands

Traditional floor cleaning equipment, despite being reliable, often lagged in offering true multi-functional capability. The GMG, however, seamlessly merges sweeping, vacuuming, scrubbing, and drying functions in equal measure.

“The GMG is an all-in-one machine that sweeps, vacuums, scrubs, and dries in one go,” Chester says.

Fimap CEO Massimiliano Ruffo and Michael Mathews introduces the GMG.Fimap CEO Massimiliano Ruffo and Michael Mathews introduces the GMG.
Fimap CEO Massimiliano Ruffo and Michael Mathews introduces the GMG

This isn’t just a convenience; it’s an integration that can drastically increase a business’s cleaning efficiency. Think about it: simultaneous execution of separate cleaning tasks can radically streamline cleaning in large warehouses, particularly those of booming companies like Amazon in Europe, which have already integrated these machines.

Commitment to Sustainability and Efficiency

Today, businesses globally are pushing towards greener practices. In response, the GMG sweeper scrubber stands tall as an embodiment of environmental consciousness. 

A move away from the emissions-heavy petrol and diesel-powered machines, the GMG is an entirely electric solution. And for those looking to further reduce their carbon footprint, there’s the option to upgrade to lithium-ion batteries.

Speaking of the machine’s environmental impact, Chester highlights its impressive dust filtration system: “The air that is sucked up through the sweeping system can pass through up to three different layers of filtration, filtering dust to a very small micron.”

This ensures both operational longevity and reduced environmental impact. Moreover, the GMG’s innovative software offers real-time data monitoring, a leap forward in ensuring machine efficiency. 

“All data can be captured and sent to a central management location, providing a sophisticated reporting system,” Chester says. “This not only aids businesses in tracking operational efficiency but also plays a pivotal role in predictive maintenance, ensuring minimal downtime.”

A Timely Response to Today’s Challenges

Recent challenges, especially those induced by the global pandemic, have accentuated the need for automation and efficiency in business processes. Reducing human contact without compromising efficiency has been a primary concern for businesses. The GMG, with its multi-functionality, seems like the perfect response. 

“It’s like halving the resource challenge,” Chester says. “The machine performs two functions, with one operator, in a single pass. This means not only streamlining efficiencies, but actually redefining how businesses approach cleaning their facility.”

Promoting Workplace Safety and Health

Given the renewed emphasis on respiratory health, the GMG has a particular significance in the industrial space. Misting the surface as part of the cleaning process prevents dust from becoming airborne. In addition to a high-quality filtration system, its zero emission operation further promotes a cleaner, healthier indoor work environment. 

“The silica dust problem is serious, and needs to be treated as such,” Chester says. “Those responsible for staff health are acutely aware of this.” 

And it’s not just about the internal environment. 

“The GMG can be used outside for sweeping hardstand areas where trucks load and unload. Cleaner surroundings mean healthier workers, happier workers, and reduced downtime due to slip and trip incidents, or respiratory ill-health.”

Chester Larsen, National Sales Manager, Conquest Equipment. Chester Larsen, National Sales Manager, Conquest Equipment.
Chester Larsen National Sales Manager Conquest Equipment

The GMG boasts advanced safety features well beyond its superior filtration system and zero emission operation: it has a built-in anti-collision system including cameras and alarms, and even an onboard system for cleaning tight spaces. 

“Modern features, such as front and rear cameras, combined with anti-collision alarms – all work together to really enhance the safety of operators and pedestrians,” Chester says. “Combined with its ergonomic design, operating the GMG isn’t just safe and efficient, but also comfortable for extended use.”

But that’s not all 

With Australian industrial property vacancy rates at historic lows, now more than ever companies need to get more out of their square metre footprints.  

The GMG’s footprint is commendable. With the capability to manoeuvre within a 3.2-meter aisle and operate on industry-leading gradients of up to 20 per cent, it’s designed for versatility. Its design also allows for brush speeds of almost 315 rpm, adjustable down pressure of nearly 250 kg, and an extended runtime of seven hours. 

“While it can clean very large facilities, the machine has an impressive turning circle, perfect for narrow spaces,” Chester notes. 

Additionally, the machine integrates a two-step vacuuming process – one for dust and another to extract the dirty water: “The machine not only sweeps and vacuums but also scrubs and dries. The two-step vacuuming process ensures floors are both clean and dry. This reduces the chance of slipping on wet floors, or tyres losing traction.”

Chester wraps up the conversation with an emphasis on the GMG’s unmatched advantages: its environmental friendliness, safety features, and suitability for large operations. “Being electric means significant efficiency and cost savings. Sites won’t need to refuel or house fuel onsite, and charging is simple.”

The logistics and warehousing space continues to change rapidly. With new methods and new technologies arriving at breakneck pace, industrial cleaning needs to keep up. And – as the GMG shows – Conquest is more than keeping up.

Original story published by MHD Supply Chain News