Conquest Equipment Managing Director


The global pandemic of the Nouvelle Caronavirus (COVID-19) continues to present new and unprecedented challenges for business. Managing Director, Michael Mathews shares with you what Conquest is doing to support our customers, employees and the community during this time of uncertainty.


We are respecting COVID-19 social-distancing measures

We recognise that personal contact is currently received with varying levels of angst. Many companies have been quick to adopt new policies to support the government social-distancing advice regarding COVID-19. In support of those policies and to minimise angst for our customers and employees alike, we have requested that our team avoid hand-shaking and maintain a safe 1.5m distance at all times where practical to do so. Where face to face meetings are not an option, our team are happy to work with you via phone or video call.

We are protecting our team, customers and visitors to our facilities

As a supplier to the cleaning industry, we already maintain very high standards at our own facilities. However, as a precautionary measure, we have increased the cleaning time at each site to achieve a deeper, more thorough clean. Our staff have all been briefed on recommended personal hygiene practices. Hand sanitiser is available at all of our facilities for use on entry and exit, and each of our sales representatives and service technicians have personal dispensers in their vehicles. All hire and rental machines will be thoroughly sanitised with hospital grade disinfectant on the return from site, ready for use by the next operator. More extreme measures will be actioned and communicated accordingly, should someone connected to our business become unwell.

We continue to deliver clever cleaning solutions

We recognise that now more than ever, you are relying on us as the experts to deliver tailored and innovative solutions that support your cleaning objectives. That’s why we’ve already identified the best disinfectant to use in our floor scrubbers, specially to combat the spread of COVID-19. And, the right solution to minimise the risk of contamination through airborne dust. There is already lot to think about at this time. So when it comes to minimising risk with effective floor cleaning equipment, we will continue to develop innovative solutions and do the hard yards for you.

We are offering flexibility in uncertain times

Undoubtedly, this is a time of uncertainty. But we don’t want you to feel trapped by the decisions you make now, to get you through this period. Our team will work with you to customise fully flexible rentals and short-term hire options. So you can scale your fleet to accommodate increased demand now, without the risk of getting stuck with equipment you simply don’t want or need long term.

We are in this together

We, as Australian’s, are in this together.

And the team at Conquest are here for you and your business.

Contact us for advice regarding the best floor cleaning solutions to help combat the risk of spread of COVID-19 at your facility.