According to International Sanitary Supply Association, 90 percent of the cost of floor cleaning can be attributed to labour. The stat highlights the significance of employing the most effective and efficient cleaning solution possible to minimise time on job and ultimately reduce costs. In addition, you need to factor your unique floor type, working environment and business needs, which are unlikely to be met when purchasing an out-of-the-box product.

Many businesses make wrong decisions when it comes to floor cleaning because of a lack of relevant and accurate information. Here is a three step guide that will assist commercial and industrial facilities management, and building services contractors, in selecting the most cost-efficient and performant commercial cleaning equipment for your challenge.

1. Prior Research and Scoping Floor Cleaning Requirements

Just like any other business endeavour, choosing the right floor cleaning solution demands research prior to making an informed decision that’s best fit for your business. Consider the various floor types, any specific challenges and your unique business requirements, and don’t hesitate to consult with a professional expert to guide you through research and selection. Often a scoping expert is able to assist you in identifying the requirements and challenges that are unique to your business – some that you may not have known existed! This will ensure you are in the best possible situation to make your final decision.

With proper research and scoping you can:

  • Save hundreds, or even thousands, on labour hours per month
  • Achieve optimal floor cleaning results throughout your facility
  • Design customised solutions to serve particular business challenges, such as dust control, WHS policy and/or meet strict hygiene standards
  • Alleviate maintenance and repair expense in addition to maximising the life of the machine and any consumables
  • Cut down on expensive business downtime due to poor performance or emergency breakdowns

As a guide, you can draw on Conquest’s 8 step Intelligent Solutions Program (ISP), starting with a complimentary onsite assessment with no strings attached. During the onsite assessment, you will:

  • Identify unique and specific challenges that can only be uncovered through adequate professional assessment.
  • Identify your unique requirements through focused questioning, investigation and even testing.
  • Receive an expert recommendation, specifically tailored to the identified business needs and challenges, and backed by the Conquest 360 promise.

2. Request a Demonstration

It is best practice to request a demonstration of any equipment in which you are considering to invest, to truly understand if the solution will meet your needs:

  • Convenience and operator-friendliness of the equipment.
  • Floor cleaning results, especially for challenging floor types.
  • Consumption and cost of water and chemical.
  • Efficiency, safety, hygiene, and noise levels of the equipment being used.

As part of ISP, Conquest offers a complimentary onsite demonstration of any recommended floor sweepers or scrubbing machines. We also assist you or your operations staff to self-operate the equipment for clearer and practical understanding of the recommended solution.

As Conquest’s National Key Account Manager, Ben Mathews, puts it:

“Our aim is to provide our customers with the best possible solution for their site. Not the second best, not the third best. THE BEST solution to suit their facility, budget and needs.”

3. Floor Cleaning Equipment is a Long Term Investment

Prior to investment, look at and analyse the acquisition of floor cleaning equipment as a long term investment. Consider operational expenses including costs of consumables, repairs, and ongoing maintenance.

One of the most overlooked factors is the quality of support from the vendor. Be sure to find out whether their service is responsive enough to find quick solutions to your urgent concerns, discuss machine warranty and return options if the recommended solution isn’t right for you, learn what support is offered during any period of unplanned downtime, and ask what services the vendor offers to ensure you continue to achieve optimal results and performance for the lifetime of the equipment.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Believing a combination cleaning machine is the best and most cost-effective solution for your company. In many cases, further investigation uncovers that a separate specialised floor sweeper and scrubbing machine will provide a more thorough clean and achieve results that exceed expectation.

  • Trying to combat disappointing results of floor scrubbing with excessive use of chemicals, which can then contribute to safety and hygiene challenges for operators and other staff or visitors. It may also damage the floor surface and result in unnecessary residue build-up.

  • Architects who often give preference to form over function choose floor types that look aesthetically pleasing but are a nightmare to clean. In such an event, it is important to draw on the services of professional experts who can recommend the best solution for your needs, rather than going down the route of trial and error and potentially wasting time and resources.