This year has been an exciting one full of growth for Conquest Equipment. Our key focus for 2016 was to examine our service and support systems, and look at ways to further streamline and enrich the client experience.

To facilitate these changes, we brought in additional staff with expertise in service and customer experience. Joe Care, with his extensive background in coordinating mechanical service teams, was appointed National Service Manager.

Michael Beggs stepped up to the specialised role of Spare Parts Supervisor, and Stephen Hansen now provides expert technical support across our service network.

Our fleet of service vans was expanded to meet demand in Sydney and Brisbane, responding to the success of our teams now permanently located at Wetherill Park, Sydney, and Thorneside, Brisbane.

Delivering the latest innovations in floor cleaning equipment is our passion.

We travelled this year to ISSA trade shows in Amsterdam and Chicago, to see what was developing in the European and North American cleaning equipment markets.

Innovations in commercial and industrial floor cleaning equipment are extending beyond the ability to clean better and faster.

This year’s shows featured power sweepers and power scrubbers designed to reduce manual labour, increase safety, and be gentle on the environment.

We also held two trade shows of our own in Sydney and Melbourne.  Trade shows provide what a brochure and even videos cannot: a direct hands-on experience with the machine.

Our team demonstrated the machines throughout the sessions. Visitors were encouraged to use the equipment across our test floors to fully understand how sturdy, intuitive and unexpectedly agile these machines truly are.

ISSA’s increased involvement in the Australian industrial and commercial cleaning market, promises great things for 2017. We’re excited to be taking part in the ISSA Cleaning & Hygiene Expo in Melbourne.

This industry ‘super show’ finally provides Australian cleaning businesses with the one-stop expo they’ve been waiting for.

With so many wonderful innovations coming into the market, and the support of global cleaning entity ISSA, Australian businesses will reap the benefits of this evolving industry.

Conquest, too, will continue to evolve in 2017 and beyond. As progress is made in robotic cleaning and network-managed equipment, we will be here to assist businesses in obtaining and adapting to new floor cleaning processes.

We will continue to strengthen our comprehensive client support system, providing clients with service excellence they can rely on throughout the life of their floor cleaning equipment.

We’re looking forward to seeing what 2017 has to offer.

For more information on how our Intelligent Solutions Program can increase efficiency and deliver a cleaner floor, call 1800 826 789.