Chemical Free Floor Stripping


Conquest’s incredible Edge Series orbital floor scrubbing machines raise the bar when it comes to floor preparation, allowing operators to strip back heavy floor sealer by applying nothing more than water!

Powerful high-speed oscillation combined with heavy down pressure enables Conquest’s Edge Series to remove coatings from floor surfaces, eliminating the need to use harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals. An environmentally friendly cleaning solution, Conquest Edge Series negates the risks of damaging equipment and sensitive flooring while improving operator safety by limiting exposure to hazardous substances.

The rectangular-shaped scrub head featured on Conquest Edge floor scrubbers allows operators to manoeuvre along edges and right into corners. Excellent handling capability and smooth control ensures these powerful commercial cleaning machines work right up to and against adjacent skirting, windows and mirrors – without risk of damage.

The oscillating motion retains water within the scrub pad to eliminate unsightly mess on surrounding areas, often the result with traditional machines. This process also reduces water consumption and waste, using only what is necessary.

As shown in this video, the powerful vacuum system featured on Conquest Edge oscillating floor scrubbers collects water and white foamy sealer residue to ensure floor surfaces are clean and dry, ready for resealing.

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