Clever commercial floor cleaning equipment for flooring beneath warehouse racking


Ride-on warehouse floor cleaning machines need size on their side, to efficiently cover large surface areas. However this can limit the reach of the floor scrubber machine, preventing cleaning of floors in confided spaces such as directly under warehouse racking. The result? A separate cleaning solution for both floor spaces.

Not anymore!

In this video, we demonstrate a quick and simple all-in-one warehouse floor scrubber solution to overcome this notoriously difficult industry challenge.

Large solution and recovery tanks with clever engineering allows Conquest’s GTX commercial floor scrubber to deliver an effective and efficient clean in large areas. The built-in 60 psi spray wand comes in handy when cleaning in more confined spaces, where the scrubber cannot reach. Add an optional squeegee brush, and your under racking dilemma is sorted!

See the results for yourself:

The floor beneath this warehouse racking is no challenge for Conquest’s GTX floor scrubbing machine!

Discover more from Conquest’s extensive range of warehouse floor cleaning machines. Or contact us to request a free onsite assessment and let us help you find the right solution to your unique floor cleaning challenge.


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