Warehouse and Logistics: What you need to know


Brisbane is often touted as the logistics hub for broader Queensland, due to the world-class infrastructure and direct links to air, sea, road and rail. So, like rival state capitals Sydney and Melbourne, it is not surprising that there a multitude of Distribution Centres (DC’s) in the greater Brisbane area. One question commonly raised by DC managers is: “how do I make my DC stand-out against a sea of competition, whilst maintaining profitability?”. Conquest has the answer… and advice to help you get there!

First impressions count.  So, the cleanliness of a warehouse, DC or manufacturing plant is a simple gauge often referenced when determining the effectiveness and efficiency of the facility. Conquest can help, by providing you a clever cleaning solution tailored specifically to the challenges faced at your facility. 

A very real and significant motivation for keeping your facility clean is workplace safety. A forklift that leaks oil is a risk factor for slips and falls. Piles of banding, pallets or processing debris can limit forklift driver visibility. Even tiny inventory labels with waxy backing can be a fall hazard, if they are allowed to languish on a polished cement floor.

Surface areas with high traffic of materials handling equipment acquire a build-up of tyre rubber, dirt and dust over time.  This can be transferred to products on shelf, which impacts both the appearance and quality of the stock held on site. 

With the right Conquest power sweeper or floor scrubbing machine, you have the flexibility to adapt your cleaning processes to accommodate the comings and goings of your business. Picture that freshly picked pallet of stock, sitting directly on the floor, waiting to be loaded for transport. With your Conquest floor sweeper, you can easily manoeuvre around such obstacles, and avoid the chance of unsightly dirt and dust transference by cleaning immediately after dispatch!

Wondering where to start? Conquest Intelligent Solutions Program identifies the floor cleaning requirements unique to your business, so that you receive a tailored solution. You can also have peace of mind knowing that the equipment provided cleans effectively, and will be maintained on time and to budget. We pride ourselves on giving fast service, including breakdown response times to prevent any downtime. Whether you’re in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane, Conquest are experienced in clever cleaning solutions for the warehouse and logistics industryContact us today for your tailored floor cleaning solution.

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