Why Buy When You Can Rent?


More and more Australian companies are renting equipment as they prove the ongoing benefits of this method of procuring large capital items rather than outright purchases.

Conquest is pleased to offer a flexible rental option to all their customers. Some of the benefits that many Conquest customers have experienced are:

  1. No large capital outlay which hinders cashflow especially in businesses that are expanding
  2. Equipment is kept off the balance sheet
  3. Monthly payments are normally 100% tax deductable
  4. Equipment is kept up-to-date as at the end of the term the equipment can be upgraded to the latest models
  5. No unexpected maintenance costs as the rental agreements include a full maintenance and repairs component

Conquest can also offer buy out options at the end of the rental period if customers would like to keep the machines they have been using.

Rental terms are generally between 3 and 5 years but as Conquest manages these internally a shorter or longer term can often be negotiated depending on the application and equipment required.

So, don’t hesitate, if you need a new cleaning machine and are not able to find the cash for the investment or have capital expenditure limits, renting is your answer.

Call Conquest today on 1800 826 789 for a tailored proposal to suit your individual application.

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