Brisbane City Council Takes Delivery of Ecosweep 360


Conquest was pleased to install an Ecosweep 360 Battery Powered Suction Sweeper at Brisbane City Council this month. The new machine was selected following an extensive tender trial process as the ideal solution for cleaning Brisbane’s streets.

The main criteria that carried the decision were the Ecosweep’s low noise, zero emissions, low maintenance costs and excellent hill climbing ability.

As the world’s first 100% battery powered suction sweeper, the Ecosweep is a powerful suction sweeper that uses advanced technology to eliminate all hydraulics which totally removes the risk of oil spills and leaks which are experienced with other systems and cause large environmental damage and often expensive rectification repairs.

Using a water-proof filter the Ecosweep boasts a genuine emission free status, with no engine fumes as well as no dust expelled from the machine during sweeping operation. This was a very positive feature in Brisbane’s decision as the sweepers operate all day in and around pedestrians.

Brisbane City Council’s efforts to increase their sustainability and reduce their environmental impact are key items on their agenda and Conquest is pleased to be able to support this with the impressive, zero emission footpath sweeper.

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