Do You Realise What A Dirty Warehouse Is Costing You?


Conquest’s unique Intelligent Solutions Program (ISP) is fast becoming recognized as the ideal solution for Australian companies to find the most efficient and effective way of improving the conditions in their facilities.

ISP is a no-obligation service that Conquest offers to all new and existing companies to assess whether they have the best possible floor cleaning procedures in place. More often than not Conquest finds that there is new technology available that will help companies clean their floors quicker and more effectively than previous equipment.

Most companies understand the cost of poor presentation of their facilities and worse still the condition their stock gets into when it is covered with a layer of dust that is thrown into the air from dirty floors or cleaning equipment that does not have adequate dust control.

Work Health & Safety (WHS) is another major consideration in keeping floors clean and tidy. A well cleaned and organized facility reduces trips and falls risks as well as giving workers a sense of pride in their work environment which makes it a more enjoyable place to be, increases productivity and lifts the presentation when clients come to visit.

Often the cost of having a floor cleaning machine onsite and ready for use whenever there is a quiet moment or immediate need from a spill or unexpected event is a lot less than most realise. It is a proven fact the largest cost in cleaning a floor is the labour component of the personnel doing the work so it makes a lot of sense to investigate the most effective way of doing it.

In fact, Conquest believes there is really no reason why an Australian company would not utilise ISP and ensure they have the safest, cleanest and enjoyable work place in the shortest possible time!

Call Conquest now on 1800 826 789 for a no-obligation assessment of your procedures and discover how easy it is to have a world class looking facility in no time at all.

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