New and Improved 180 Powerful Sweeper


Dedicated to providing the most advanced and efficient machines on today’s market, Conquest have recently released a new and improved 180 sweeper – the 180DK-4 hydraulic ride-on. An updated version of the robust and reliable PB170, the 180 boasts the same strength and resilience to tough conditions with an identical chassis and build to the superseded model.

What has improved is the styling and ergonomics. The new machine cuts an imposing figure with its redesigned front end, bonnet and bumpers. Receptacles are in place for a full lights kit which can be ordered as an additional option if required.

Under the bonnet there is another exciting change. The new 180 is powered with the well-recognized and reliable Kubota engine in both diesel and LPG configurations. The engine is liquid cooled through an oversized radiator which has been specifically designed for the heavy applications that these sweepers are prone to operate in. Wide spaced fins allow dust to pass through the radiator rather than block the airflow which keeps the engine operating at the correct temperatures.

Available in the same three configurations as its predecessor, there’s a model for all applications. The unique 4 wheel 180DK-4 features two rear wheels that drive and steer, a vast improvement from the one wheel on previous models, giving the machine greater stability and traction while delivering a smoother ride and reducing stress on the rear drivetrain.

Conquest sweepers are renowned for quality and engineering and the 180DK-4 is no exception. This impressive sweeper incorporates several additional features to improve performance and reliability, including:

–          Separate hydraulic oil cooler

–          External air pre-cleaner

–          Solid, puncture proof tyres

–          Double braided hydraulic hoses

–          Washable, polyester textile filter

If you have large or demanding areas to be swept, you cannot go past the Conquest 180DK-4 – a robust, powerful and stylish sweeper that will perform for years to come.

See for yourself; contact Conquest today for a free, on-site demonstration.

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