Introducing the EcoSweep360


The ecoSweep360 is a revolutionary product that features world-first technology to provide quiet, emission free, and environmentally friendly sweeping solutions all in a compact and easy to use design.

Using advanced technology and market leading design, the Conquest ecoSweep360 is a suction street sweeper that is battery powered making it totally emission free, quiet and easy to use. The machine is ideal for Australian conditions and has been designed to overcome many of the limitations of traditional street sweepers currently available on the market.

ecoSweep360 Features

  • Zero pollution
  • Low noise operation
  • 8 hours continuous operation without recharging
  • Powerful drive motors can climb hills and inclines of up to 20%
  • 360 litre wheelie bin waste hopper

Forget the risks of environmental damage caused by oil leaks that face traditional street sweepers; the ecoSweep360 is driven by direct coupled motors which totally eliminate the need for hydraulics and therefore removes the risk of burst hoses, oil-damaged pavements or harmful liquids getting into drains and waterways. 

The convenience of the 360 litre bin makes the ecoSweep360 a perfect solution for sweeping public spaces where dumping facilities are not always available. Bins can be simply changed allowing the sweeper to continue working without the need to travel back to a dedicated dumping facility.

The ecoSweep360 also comes with multiple customisation options to cater for individual requirements and improve operator experience and safety, such as front and rear cameras with full colour screen in the cabin to improve visibility and safety for pedestrians, hand held suction hose for cleaning hard to reach areas and drains, and side doors to protect the operator from the weather and passersby.

This unrivalled product is the perfect solution for companies and local councils to improve their streetscape cleanliness without impacting their carbon footprint.

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