Chemical VS Chemical-Free Floor Stripping – Which is best?


Traditionally, using chemicals to strip back hard floors was essential in order to remove the tough coatings. However recently we have seen the introduction of chemical free floor stripping machines that give the traditional chemical based machines a run for their money! But which is best? We’ve compared the two methods based on a few important factors.


There are many negative factors which many companies hardly realise when using the harsh stripping chemicals needed to remove for sealers. These chemicals are often toxic, causing short and long term implications to workers health, should not be disposed into normal drains and will damage other surfaces if spilt or splashed.

One of the biggest factors that are misunderstood with the new chemical-free technology is that it will not totally strip a floor of sealer. It is designed to cut back 2 – 3 layers of sealer therefore removing the discoloured and scratched surface leaving a level, clean surface ready for recoating.

What the chemical-free machines will do is save an enormous amount of time (an impressive 70%) and cost when used in the right applications. Many contractors around Australia are now ‘cutting back’ their floors and recoating on a much more regular basis rather than waiting for the floor to get to a point where it needs a full strip.


In a real life situation recently a contractor was using a team of three persons to strip retails stores on a regular basis. They introduced an ‘Oscillating head’ stripping machine that did not require chemical and within weeks could cut their team back to two persons. This resulted in a massive saving of one wage and the cost of using any stripping chemical. The machine paid for itself in no time!


When it comes to the most important factor, the end result, chemical free ‘cut backs’ are clearly the winner. The huge savings financially and environmentally as well as the eliminating of risk to your employees health accelerates this new technology far out in front of traditional methods.

The Verdict

Of course, there are many influencing factors for each individual stripping job that should be considered before determining the right machines for you. The best option is always to talk to a professional who can look at your unique requirements and recommend the best cleaning solution.

To deliver unbeatable customer service, Conquest Equipment offer customers a no-obligation ‘Intelligent Solutions Program’ (ISP) which involves comprehensive assessment of specific cleaning requirements to identify and recommend the ultimate floor cleaning solution. This recommendation is then supported by Conquest’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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