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The mining industry produces some of the most demanding conditions for commercial cleaning equipment. Hot, dusty environments and uneven surfaces are commonplace, and the need for robust, reliable industrial cleaning equipment for mining sites has never been greater.

One of the most challenging obstacles in mining industry cleaning is the presence of uneven, rugged and rough surfaces and large areas such as mining stores. The tough conditions create the need for heavy duty mining site cleaning equipment, like 4-wheel sweepers, that can handle uneven terrain. Sweepers must be stable and durable, with powerful traction to cover the ground and get the job done. Powerful, ride-on floor scrubbers with large solution tanks and long run times can effectively clean large areas quickly.

Another unique obstacle when it comes to mine site cleaning is the need to switch between different surfaces. Your mining site might be a diverse collection of remote outdoor areas and indoor facilities. It may also change regularly. Because of these circumstances, mining cleaning equipment must include heavy duty sweepers that can handle a variety of terrain types and move between them with ease. The ability to tackle cleaning jobs on any surface means increased efficiency, decreased timeframes, and a better clean altogether.

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Conquest CC1200 Combination Sweeper Scrubber

The Conquest CC1200 is a combination sweeper scrubber that you can rely on to achieve optimal cleaning results every time. It is made to cover large areas and tough environments without frequently stopping for refills or waste emptying.

The sheer volume of dirt, dust, and debris found at mining sites make it vital for your mine equipment to employ an effective dust control solution. In addition to dust and debris, the very environment typically found around mining sites can be a challenge for cleaning. The conditions can be especially problematic underground. Because this industry often operates in hot and remote areas, cleaning equipment for the mining industry must be able to withstand the temperature and dusty conditions, and cleaning machines are no exception. Mining environments can also have added heat from large equipment, like a coal loader, which contributes to the difficult climate. These harsh conditions make it critical that your industrial floor cleaner can withstand a hot and dusty habitat.

Durable machines for mining industry cleaning

Although the mining industry faces tough conditions for industrial floor cleaning, Conquest has powerful machines to tackle any cleaning task. The Conquest XR leads the pack of commercial floor scrubbers. It’s built tough and brings together all the key features that the mining industry needs. The Conquest XR has heavy-duty wheels that can pass over uneven surfaces with ease, and the 4-wheel design adds the stability needed to negotiate rugged surfaces. This machine has powerful traction and can climb steep ramps, making it ideal for any mining site application.

The scrubbing machine has powerful motors that typically only run at 50% capacity, which means the Conquest XR always has power in reserve to tackle large amounts of dust and debris. Heavy walled roto-moulded tanks withstand all knocks and bumps, making this one of the most robust machines on the market.

The Conquest XR is not only durable, but also agile. With the ability to turn in a 1930mm aisle, these power scrubbers can navigate narrow spaces quickly and efficiently. The tight turn radius means a better clean even in the hard-to-reach areas within your mining site.

Operator comfort is crucial to reducing fatigue in tough conditions and the Conquest XR features an adjustable comfort seat, armrests, and adjustable steering, so operators can go for as long as the machine can. The Conquest XR also has a Central Command System with LCD readout that shows three separate hour meters and information such as brush pressure, solution flow rates, and basic diagnostics. The system keeps everything at the operator’s fingertips to make even tough jobs easy.

From dust control to rugged surfaces, achieving clean mining sites is a significant challenge. Floor cleaning machines need to maintain and control dust and debris, remain stable on uneven terrain, and withstand hot and harsh conditions.

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