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At Conquest, we have more than 40 years of experience, working across a range of industries to deliver solutions to a huge variety of common and highly specialised floor cleaning challenges.

Every industry, every business, is different – and each requires a cleaning solution unique to the needs of their individual situation. Overcoming obstacles has become a feature of Conquest’s determination to deliver 100% satisfaction and guaranteed clean floors.

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Conquest’s PB180DK-4 leads the pack in commercial floor sweeping. It’s built to be durable and withstand harsh environments, making it ideal for the mining industry. This commercial floor sweeper also has a powerful motor that can clear away even heavy offcuts, making this machine well suited to manufacturing facilities and construction sites where large debris is an issue.

MMG Plus, game changing scrubbing technology

The MMG Plus floor scrubber machine uses innovative technology to create a safe and easy-to-use machine for a variety of applications. The MMG Plus features a built-in collision avoidance system that reduces the chance of incidents and uses a full-colour rear view camera to allow full visibility of the cleaning path behind. LED lights illuminate the brush deck, squeegee, and under-machine areas so your operator can perform even in low light. These advanced safety features make this scrubbing machine perfect for industries with high safety standards.

If you work in an industry that requires a compact machine for tight spaces, the PB55 is your solution. The self-propelled walk-behind floor sweeper combines robust construction and quiet performance, making it perfect for small indoor and outdoor areas you might find in retail stores or commercial spaces. The 680mm-wide sweeping path uses a main broom and side broom to clean quickly and reliably. The fast and quiet cleaning ability is well suited to retail and healthcare facilities that need non-disruptive cleaning.

The SM70e, a quick and convenient walk-behind floor sweeper.

Conquest’s PB160E commercial floor sweeper is ideal for cleaning sensitive or tightly regulated environments as you may find within the healthcare, food and beverage, or manufacturing industries. The PB160E power sweeper is a zero-emission machine ideal for industries with sensitive areas. The machine features extremely quiet operation, delivering a discreet yet effective clean. A self-levelling spring-loaded brush makes it easy to clean across different surfaces as you might find in an office building or manufacturing facility.

The SM70E walk-behind sweeper is the quick and convenient cleaning solution for carpet or hard floors. This commercial sweeper is extremely manoeuvrable while remaining efficient and covering large areas fast. Combined agility and effectiveness make the SM70E sweeper ideal for the crowded spaces you might find in a commercial property or warehouse.

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Aryzta Australia

"Working with Conquest was a painless experience. Everything was taken care of in great detail. I had to do nothing! They made the whole decision making process very easy. The machine is great on the floor, and hasn’t missed a beat. It is doing everything Conquest guaranteed. As a food processing plant, hygiene is so important and the Conquest Carbon floor scrubber is designed with that in mind. It’s extremely easy to clean with and ensures hygiene standardsclear are maintained. This is where Conquest’s machine stood out!"

- Lyndon Weeder, Sanitation Manager at Aryzta Australia Pty Ltd

"We are very happy with Conquest service – it’s always very professional. What they say, is exactly what they provide. Their floor cleaning equipment is of a very high quality. Right from the initial presentation through to after-sales support, they have backed up every promise 100%"

- renowned Victorian confectionary manufacturer