Industrial floor cleaning machines for food & beverage processing

Ensure the floors in your commercial food preparation and manufacturing areas are up to code.

In this highly regulated industry, having an effective floor cleaning solution has never been more critical. With decades of experience servicing the food and beverages industry, Conquest offers vital experience combined with the most advanced commercial floor cleaning equipment on the market to help maintain your facility to the highest standards.

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The widest range, specialist expertise and fully customised solutions

Conquest has an unbeatable range of floor sweepers and scrubbing machines ideal for the hard floor surfaces found in commercial kitchens, food processing and manufacturing facilities, warehouses and other food and beverage environments. Whether you are looking to dry sweep a warehouse or deep scrub the floor of your processing facility, Conquest can deliver the perfect floor cleaning solution for your needs.

With versatile machines boasting the most innovative and up-to-date technology, including eco-friendly options, Conquest has the floor sweepers and scrubbers to tackle everything from routine cleaning, big spills, as well as minimising surface bacteria and dust contamination with effortless efficiency.

Talk to the friendly team at Conquest and let us help you discover the clever way to clean.

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The Conquest Tomcat GTX floor sweeper scrubber machine delivers a unique combination of quality, efficiency and productivity.
Ride-On Scrubbers

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The combination of our impressive range and our long experience in the floor cleaning equipment industry means we know the difference between the cleaning requirements of commercial floor spaces and those in the food processing industry. Whether your challenge is keeping floors dry, sweeping large areas or maintaining hygiene quickly and easily, Conquest can supply the largest industrial sweepers and scrubbers for your particular needs. We can even help with a range of more compact ride-on or walk behind machines for cleaning smaller spaces such as commercial kitchens & restaurants.

Through our unique Intelligent Solutions Program (ISP), our experts can assess your individual business needs and recommend the machine that will effectively handle your floor cleaning for years to come, delivering the return on investment and value for money that you require. In fact, we are 100% confident that we’ll correctly identify your critical floor cleaning challenges and be able to supply you with a complete, customised floor cleaning solution that meets all your needs. That’s why we created Conquest 360, offering four promises for the ultimate peace of mind throughout your Conquest journey.

We have a range of machines that are tried and tested in the food processing industry and a team of experts who are up to the challenge of helping you get on top of your particular cleaning requirements. Our XR, GTX and Carbon power scrubbers, for example, all offer deep scrubbing performance and may be suitable for your needs. Just get in touch today and tell us about your unique challenges!

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A clean sweep on safety features

In busy food processing facilities where people and machines share the space, the safety of both machine operators and pedestrians is paramount. Conquest Equipment offers an array of customisations to ensure our commercial and industrial cleaning machines meet compliance and safety standards. Whether it’s a canopy to protect an operator from falling objects, mirrors and cameras to increase visibility for the drivers or a blue distance safety light to alert pedestrians of an approaching machine, talk to the friendly team at Conquest about your requirements and we’ll ensure that you get all the features you need with your new industrial cleaning machine.

Conquest delivers the complete package

Some food & beverage processing businesses will require more than one type of machine, to tackle varying floor surfaces. An example would be needing a heavy-duty ride-on sweeper for a factory and a smaller commercial floor scrubber for pedestrian pathways, office common areas and for quickly cleaning spillages in the factory. Whatever your business needs, Conquest can assemble the perfect package of high quality, reliable cleaning machines that will deliver cost effective cleaning of all your different floor types.

Conquest Equipment offers fully-maintained rental agreements, as well as outright purchase and long-term hire. Our flexible servicing and scheduled maintenance programs will ensure your Conquest floor cleaning machine operates at peak efficiency throughout its lifetime.

Hire-purchase, chattel mortgage and other finance options are also available through our trusted finance partners.

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What they say:

Aryzta Australia

"Working with Conquest was a painless experience. Everything was taken care of in great detail. I had to do nothing! They made the whole decision making process very easy. The machine is great on the floor, and hasn’t missed a beat. It is doing everything Conquest guaranteed. As a food processing plant, hygiene is so important and the Conquest Carbon floor scrubber is designed with that in mind. It’s extremely easy to clean with and ensures hygiene standardsclear are maintained. This is where Conquest’s machine stood out!"

- Lyndon Weeder, Sanitation Manager at Aryzta Australia Pty Ltd
Dave Stanford

"I’ve found that with Conquest Equipment, in any situation the service has been fantastic. They always have stock and lead times have usually been only a few days from ordering to delivery. Our previous machines just weren’t doing the job and were not being maintained as they were supposed to be. But with Conquest Equipment, they did the site assessments at each branch in each state and then offered us the right solution to get the job done first time. So far we have ordered ten Conquest machines nationally and those machines are serviced on time, every time."

- Dave Stanford, NSW Warehouse Manager, Tru Blu Beverages