A Comprehensive Guide to Silica Dust Control in Industrial Workplaces:

A Regulatory Challenge

In This Guide:

  • The Health Risks of Silica Dust

  • National & State Regulations

  • WHS Obligations

  • How to Dampen the Threat

  • The Benefits of Wet Sweeping


“The challenge in a lot of facilities is the accumulation of industrial dust on surrounding equipment, walls, and floors. It’s not always recognized for its ability to cause harm to staff or the working group at a facility.”

“A lot is concentrated on the source of the dust, that is, where it’s generated, but not always where it’s landing. And that’s part of the problem. It doesn’t just impact the area where it’s created. It impacts the surrounding areas, too.”

Chester Larsen
National Sales Manager | Conquest Equipment

The demand to manage and control harmful dust within your facility is unprecedented. Request our comprehensive guide to learn more.