For those moments when you don’t want the paint to stick

Dulux is Australia’s largest paint manufacturer. Their new 27,000m2 paint factory in Mickleham on Melbourne’s northern outskirts presents many challenges for its Operations Manager, David King. This includes messy paint spills, cleaning up the powder from paint that can form on floor surfaces, and external dust from the new industrial estate they are located in.

Our revolutionary Conquest industrial floor-cleaning equipment is helping Dulux overcome those challenges.

Finding the right floor-cleaning equipment

Having used Conquest equipment at his previous Dulux workplace, David knew it would get the job done right. He got in touch with our sales team to help him identify the perfect solution for the new factory environment.

It would be hard to find a more troubling mess to clean than paint, which is of course made to stick, but we were up for the challenge.

“To test things out, we went to another factory with a dirty old floor, spilled paint on it and got Conquest to demonstrate the machines to see if they would suck the paint up and not leave any stains. It worked. Without this equipment, we would have been in a world of pain… and paint.”


Keeping Dulux’s factory floors clean and safe

At another Dulux paint factory, manager Lachlan Taylor contracts out the regular cleaning of their factory floors. But what happens in between, when there’s an unfortunate paint spill that needs to be cleaned?

Lachlan purchased a Conquest Recon walk-behind scrubber for those messy moments. This helps him keep the factory operational, clean and safe for his workers around the clock.

To ensure the scrubber stays operational, he has Conquest service the machine every 6 months. This helps keep the machine in tip-top shape. It gives him peace of mind that the machine will be in good working order the next time they need it.

Lachlan has found the Conquest Recon to be very reliable. On the rare occasion it has needed emergency repairs, Lachlan says it’s due to operator error and not a failure of the machine or parts.

Using Conquest’s outstanding tech support, they’ve been able to resolve operator errors quickly and effectively when they happen.

“We’ve found Conquest Equipment to be reliable. They also respond efficiently to support requests. We’ve had techs sent out, but even better is the tech support they provide over the phone. Sometimes that’s all we need. They’ve helped us fix the machine on the spot so we could get straight back to cleaning the spilled paint mess.”

Lachlan Taylor, Dulux



How Dulux is using Conquest equipment to clean up paint and dust

David doesn’t hire contract cleaners for the factory he manages, apart from the occasional outside clean up.

Instead, David purchased his team two Conquest Carbon walk-behind scrubbers to clean up paint spills on the factory floor.

“While we don’t want paint spills in the first place, the Conquest scrubber enables us to clean up spills quickly.”

Some areas in the factory get dusty as well, so for those areas, he purchased a Conquest PB115 ride-on floor sweeper.

“Because it’s a big factory, having a ride-on sweeper to clean the other areas helps make the job manageable.”

The ride-on sweeper also helps to keep the dusty area outside the factory clean and tidy, but it’s the walk-behind scrubbers that get heaviest and most frequent use at Dulux.

Convenient maintenance

David’s team received onsite training to teach them to use the machines and he books them in for maintenance when they’re not sucking as well as they could.

“We’ve not experienced equipment breakdowns, but because of how much use we put them through cleaning up paint spills, the machine parts started to wear. We recently had Conquest refurbish a scrubber, which is an economical option for us.”

David values our service and responsiveness.

“We book in the maintenance to ensure the machine keeps working. Conquest does the service onsite, which is convenient. They’re always there to help you out. And they make sure you’ve got the right equipment for the job. They don’t sell you something for the sake of it.”

David recommends Conquest to other warehouse or factory managers.

“We definitely recommend Conquest. We’ve had repeat purchases, so we even recommend them to ourselves.”

Next, David has his eye on the latest innovative technology that Conquest is developing and is building a business case for it.

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