The Problem

Maintaining cleanliness at the Queen Victoria Market, a bustling inner-city location which attracts annual foot traffic of 17 million people was proving extremely difficult due to high levels of grime and a large surface area. With a variety of fruits, vegetables, meats, and gourmet foods available at the market, the Australian Food Handling & Safety Regulations require a high and consistent level of cleanliness to be maintained at all times. With no room to compromise on cleaning quality and previous machines failing to deliver satisfactory results, Citywide contacted Conquest Equipment Technologies.

The Conquest Solution

Conquest met with Citywide on-site to evaluate their needs and discuss their specific cleaning requirements. The Conquest team then completed their unique Intelligent Solutions Program, a 10 step evaluation process that helps identify the most effective machine for the job. After extensive assessment Conquest recommended the Magnum Floor Scrubber, a powerful walk behind scrubber with the capacity to handle even the toughest applications. As with all machines recommended using the Intelligent Solutions Program, Conquest were so confident that they could provide the perfect cleaning solution they offered their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

The Results

The Conquest Magnum Floor Scrubber has proven itself as an extremely effective and reliable machine, keeping up with the heavy work load of Citywide and delivering outstanding results every time.

“As the Site Cleaning Manager of the Queen Victoria Market, changing our floor scrubber over to the Conquest Magnum Machine has been the best change we ever made at Citywide…This complete package provided by Conquest has increased cleaning performance and consistency at Queen Victoria Market…..Always glad to recommend Conquest, especially to the Contract Cleaning Market and Facilities Management Companies”