Emerald Carrying Company, a family-owned trucking business, has been proudly serving the Queensland area for over 50 years, specialising in the transfer of General Freight, Bulk Liquids, and fuel between Brisbane, Emerald, and the Bowen Basin Mining District. Over the past decade, the company has undergone significant growth, prompting the expansion of their facility. As a result, their floor cleaning needs have evolved since their last sweeper purchase in 2012.

Increasing business operations has also resulted in a surge in traffic, including trucks, forklifts, and other vehicles, thereby generating great volumes of dust and debris within and around their facility.


Having previously invested in two Conquest Sweepers, Greg Haylock, Managing Director of Emerald Carrying Company, has experienced first-hand the reliable performance of these machines and the outstanding service and support they provide. When it came time to upgrade his equipment, Greg had no doubt about where to turn.

Conquest Solution Specialist Jared Muller was glad to conduct on-site evaluation, and from there the PB 160D power sweeper was recommended as the right-fit for the application. Offering a sweeping width of up to 1600mm and a large 300L waste hopper, the PB 160D efficiently cleans large logistics facilities without the need for frequent stopping to dispose of waste. Self-levelling brooms seamlessly transition across non-uniform surfaces without manual adjustment, while the clever direct overthrow sweeping system channels dust and debris directly into the hopper, minimising dust dispersion.
Emerald Carrying Company’s existing diesel infrastructure was another tick in the box for Conquest’s PB 160D, as a powerful diesel sweeper model. Further advantages valued by Emerald Carrying Company include enhanced operator visibility, simple operation, effortless manoeuvring, and a water-resistant vacuum filter system that comes backed by a lifetime warranty.


By keeping on top of dust through regular cleaning of their concrete flooring with the PB 160D, Emerald Carrying Company experiences less airborne dust for a healthier work environment and improved presentation of stock, and their facility. In addition, the yard and loading areas are clear of broken pallet chips and nails, leading to significant savings on tyre puncture repairs.


Our special thanks to Greg Haylock and the team at Emerald Carrying Company.



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