The Problem

Traditional disc scrubbers proved unable to remove bad floor scuffing and effectively clean right up to the edge of surfaces within the Melbourne Hospital. The machines removed only 68% of scuff marks which was resulting in an unsatisfactory clean. ISS Facility Services approached the team at Conquest Equipment Technologies in search of a solution.

The Solution

Conquest visited the site and completed the Intelligent Solutions Program, a unique service which includes an on-site assessment to identify the most suitable piece of equipment. Following in-depth analysis of a variety of factors which affect the floor clean, Conquest recommended the Minimag EDGE machine which features a rectangular oscillating head and powerful suction motors to effectively strip grime and clean right up to edge of the floor.

The Results

The EDGE Minimag was successful in removing approximately 98% of scuff marks with no area left uncleaned, providing a solution that continues to exceed the expectations of the customer. The EDGE machine proved to be an unbeatable product for this particular site with no competing products able to come close to the results.

“We at the Royal Dental Hospital Melbourne have been using the EDGE now for some time with all positive feedback. During extensive on site trials with Hako and Karcher we have come to the conclusion at ISS that the Conquest EDGE suited our needs and gave us a positive result the others couldn’t. It not only took the scuff marks off with ease but it also scrubbed the edges and corners due to its unique rectangle shape head and high pad pressure. Not forgetting its self-drive and great tank capacity, I would highly recommend the EDGE Conquest Scrubber to the Health sector and beyond”

ISS Site Supervisor, Dental Hospital Melbourne