Eliminating Chemical Floor Stripping

“When Ben Mathews demonstrated the Conquest EDGE® Series to me I knew that I could not let him go without leaving it with me!

Up until the time I purchased this superior vinyl floor cleaning machine, we mainly stuck with the vinyl stripping and sealing but had hated it passionately. Stripping floors is a contract cleaner’s nightmare; it’s dangerous, time consuming and what’s more it’s a thankless drudgery of a job. The Conquest EDGE® is NOT overrated and thankfully you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to use it! Its performance is truly amazing. I haven’t used chemical or water to cut back floors since I purchased this vinyl floor cleaning machine. I was expecting a deeper cut than what I was first getting but soon came to realize that changing the pad according to the surface type and job requirement will speed up the performance.

Like all American made machines the Conquest EDGE® is built like a tank, with no lack at all in the engineering quality. That means the machine is heavy but when it comes to saving time and money, and increasing efficiency and the health and safety of the operators, who’s complaining? The Conquest EDGE® series is saving me, at this point in time, between 50% and 60% of time spent on the job. I aim to increase this to 70% with experience and use of the correct pads. I have also dramatically reduced my chemical and labour costs.

Subsequently, because of this reduction in the time spent on the job, we are able to fit more jobs into the day, which is money! We are also winning more valuable and delicate jobs. Therefore, combining this with our savings in chemical and labour we are increasing our overall turnover. The Conquest EDGE® concept has opened up a whole new vista in the floor maintenance market we once would have steered clear of; we are now venturing into timber floors and parquetry! We are very happy with the service and support that Conquest delivers and genuinely look forward to using the EDGE® over the old unreliable method. I would recommend Conquest and the EDGE® concept to everyone and anyone.”

Owner – Calder Property Services