The Problem

The old sweeper that VISY had in place was no longer able to stand up to the harsh, recycling yard environment. The constant breakdowns and expensive replacement parts were becoming very costly as well as the operators finding that they needed to sweep areas twice to get the desired result, making the process very time consuming.

The Conquest Solution

Conquest recommended the 180 DK-4 sweeper as it delivered a superior sweeping ability, the 4 wheeled design provided stability for the uneven site and the robust construction ensured that it was equal to the demanding application. An on-site demonstration proved that the sweeping performance met the sites requirements and the engineering quality of the machine met the requirements of the business.

The Results

The decision to purchase the sweeper has proven correct and is now delivering outstanding results, as stated by Kevin, the Site Manager:


One of the main reasons we bought this machine is because of its robust design and the quality in the build. The operator training provided by Conquest upon delivery was excellent. We were shown exactly how to use and care for our machine, therefore saving us the down time caused from lack of operator knowledge. The Conquest Sweeper has improved our efficiency on site incredibly. There is now no need to sweep over one area then go back and do it again. 
I am satisfied with the Conquest PB 180 DK-4 and would recommend the machine.


Kevin Ianna, Site Manager, Laverton