The Challenge

Schutz Australia were owners of a floor scrubber but were employing a contract service to sweep their facility, sometimes up to 2-3 times per week. They were interested in a site assessment from Conquest to see if it would be a more viable option for them to own their own sweeper instead.

The Solution

Conquest completed a site assessment and provided Schutz Australia with their recommendation on the best possible sweeping solution for their site. Conquest determined that by owning their own sweeper Schutz Australia will not only save money by not having to contract in a third party but also have the convenience of having the machine on site to use as needed. Conquest took the PB155LPG Floor Sweeper on site for a demonstration and agreed to leave it there for a trial period. Conquest was also able to customise the sweeper to meet the requirements of Schutz Australia with the addition of a seatbelt and the speed adjusted to suit the site’s speed limits

The Result

The PB155LPG Floor Sweeper is preforming to exceptional standards. Schutz Australia have been able to save money by having their own machine instead of contracting an outside party to come in and also have the convenience of having the machine to use on site as needed.

“The Conquest PB155LPG Floor Sweeper is working really well. It gets used 3-4 times per week and I have had no issues with the unit. We are very happy”

Brett Maluso, Production Manager, Laverton North